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Song submitted 2011.10.04 03:09 AM by Willis viewed 2203 times


I can't always see the sun
sometimes stormclouds gather overhead
but I remember you do shine through it all
there will be light on the carefree days ahead


I always sting from driving rain
and I shiver and seek a warm embrace
but even though no open arms await me
I believe that the sky will clear someday


and I may be sailing now
rocking in a monstrous squall
with faith
that the wind will soon die down
if there is one thing that I've learned
right before you are overturned
calm seas appear to ease you in to port


Ice storm came brittle people broke all around me
it was cold, everybody stayed in for days
but I left the house and walked across the frozen ground
I had the faith that Spring was on its way

Chorus Repeat

I need a voice on the phone with words that cool me
I need a nightly love letter - a brace to set my bones
when it is 100 degrees inside and I am broken in pieces
she'll assemble all the parts with the Fridgedaire of her voice

Chorus Repeat


I can't always see the moon
sometimes the heavens lack the angles to light it
but I know that the new moon grows by slivers
to become a full moon to guide us through the night

Chorus Repeat


rating: 8

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