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From Bad to Worse submitted 2008.11.17 11:46 PM by SledgeHammer viewed 2338 times

?Whew. That was a? what, about a three-dropper?? I looked over at Tim, but he was ignoring me, rubbing his knee and staring out the spiderwebbed windshield.

Sandy leaned up from the back seat, her hair mussed and her eyes freaked the hell out. ?What?s a three-dropper?? she asked, staring at herself in the rearview mirror. ?Is that like, code??

?Ah, it?s stupid. Never mind.? I was starting to feel self-conscious, in spite of the fact that we had just survived a rollover that was mostly my fault.

Okay, my fault.

I looked at the trail of looted crap that led from the roadblock to the car. The roadblock confirmed what I had been thinking for the last five miles or so. We were in Canny Bull?s territory, and we were PMF.

Pretty Much Fucked.

?No, really. What is it? I want to know.? She looked over at Tim. ?Do you know??

Tim sighed and started picking glass out of his hair. ?Let him tell you. It?s stupid.? I?ve known Tim for twenty years but I still don?t get him. He has some weird adverse reaction to fun. Well, adventure anyway. This wasn?t entirely fun.

Sandy jerked on my seat belt and fell back in the seat. ?Tell me what it is. I don?t care if it?s stupid.? She was getting on my nerves. We had picked her up outside of the Bakersfield ?gee?s camp. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but she was proving to be more hassle than she was worth.

?It?s no big deal. When me and Tim were kids we used to say ?I lost a drop? when something scary happened.? She looked at me in the mirror, confused. ?You, know? piss. A drop of piss.? I met her eyes in the mirror, surprisingly embarrassed. She wiped blood from under her nose on her sleeve.

?Oh,? was all she said. I felt an idiotic need to explain.

?It?s like, you know, you get so scared, you lose a little control.? She sniffed loudly and stared at me in the mirror. I turned from her blank eyes to the windshield. ?Then things went bad and one drop didn?t seem like enough.? I saw someone moving from behind the roadblock. I pushed half-heartedly at my door. Jammed. ?Anyway, like I said. Stupid.?

Sandy sighed and turned her head, staring aimlessly at the bushes outside her window. She didn?t seem to see the people closing in on the car. She?d probably be okay, for a while. I hear they don?t eat the women, at least right away.

I looked over at Tim who was staring at me with a funny look on his face.

I smiled at him. He kept staring and said ?Dude, we?re PMF, I think.?

I let the smile drop, slowly. I nodded, then turned and looked out my side window. The sun cast rainbows through the cracks in the glass. ?Yep,? I said, mostly to myself. ?That was a three-dropper.?

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