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On the inefficiency of graveyards submitted 2011.02.03 01:31 AM by Willis viewed 2005 times

Maybe a small granite slab rising
from a well maintained lawn
placed strategically amid age-old trees
who have long witnessed countless tears
over the tragic lowering of coffins

Perhaps, if wallet affords, a marble gravestone
with angles carved in relief strumming harps
a humorous epitaph chiseled below them
the last laugh over the comedy
a final strum over the tragedy

Perhaps nothing but ashes inside a tarnished brass urn
with only my name and dates as decoration

Maybe just a quick scattering of the soot and small bones that remain to the wind


I do not care for a quiet graveyard
with flower arrangements to beautify my burial
and I do not care for the skill with which the crematorium's fire
will reduce my body to powder
producing a knicknack on a relative's shelf


I would prefer my body mummified
like Tut,
sealed inside a golden sarcophagus
surrounded by tomb walls
narrating my life
hidden deep within a cursed pyramid
eventually becoming the discovery of ages
centuries after my death


My fear is to be as anonymous
as the weathered limestone headstones
that I once cut a path
through thick Florida scrub
to see

Where once identity and age had been chiseled
upon their rock faces,
there remained nothing
but flat illegible stone

The slabs lay before me fallen and defeated
unkempt in the thorny overgrowth
mere curiosities lacking histories
and with purpose lost to memory

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