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To the Formulaic World. submitted 2009.12.16 03:53 AM by Symbolic_ viewed 1731 times

There are many moments that slip by unnoticed. Many things left unfinished, ideas stored in the attic. Upon recollection, upon dusting, and upon the mantle I've found a few gems. Said gems I hope one day you'll read about in the funny pages, some day. That being said, this has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned.

"If it were up to me I'd free Charles Manson" - Mushroomhead

To the Dead and to the Living, to the Breathing, and to the out of breath.

I should like to tell you a horror story now, the likes of which should have you more so scared than anything else. As we all know, there are people in this world who will believe anything without question. These people will obey without question, and have learned to follow orders since birth. They have stood proudly in the wee hours staring at a mounted piece of clothe, reciting the same words day in day out. Words established by generations before them, and perfected by the generation previous to them.

"Do you love your country?"



"Well because I live here."

"Would you fight and possibly die for it?"

"Well I guess."


"Because it's my country and I love it, I was born here."

"Even if this country changed it's name, it's brand, and ideals?"


"Say they renamed this country, someone else took charge and named it after themselves and created a dictatorship with which you had to obey. At this point it wouldn't be the country you grew up with, it would just be a piece of land. Would you still fight for, and possibly die for it?"


"No matter how solid it may seem, a king can be killed, and power can change hands, and a map can be remade and renamed. If history has taught us anything it has taught us that."

"Culture of That's what She Said."

(From what I've heard about her, she sounds like a whore.)

These same people have been trained to not only defend that piece of clothe when the time came, but they've also been trained to obey a set schedule. Don't believe me? No chances are you already know, the majority of you attended school at some point. When you weren't cutting class, or smoking at whichever corridor, chances are you were obeying a set schedule. You spent X amount of time here, then X amount of time somewhere else and at X time you went home where your personality was further influenced by not just your family, but what was also on television. In some ways it mirrors the life of a factory worker.

Fact is, none of this is really all that new to you. And the really great thing is, most of this probably doesn't apply to you. But think for a moment how many people out there that this does apply to. How many houses, how many streets of people. Have you honestly ever really thought about it? Think of every state in the U.S. alone, how many countless streets and law abiding citizens. How many of these people interact with one another having so many similar conversations, sitting back in the critics chair. Most of which, have never gone over one hundred miles of where they were born. But however feel they have, through the box that every piece of furniture faces.

Though, this begs the question now doesn't it, who am I to make such a call? Who am I to say such things about such people? People who probably make more in one week than I do in an entire month. People who are probably more so morally just, pay their taxes, go to church, and are good Christians. Now I ask you, did I not just describe another formula? The formula for what makes a good and decent, respectable human being. The likes of which you should put trust in because they obey an established correct set of laws.

One thing I did learn in a sociology class was this. Years ago, MTV used to have a show where they featured people dancing in a club. That was really all the people did. What I learned was, these people were paid to be there and told what to do. What effect did this have you ask? Clubs around the country had people that were dancing in a similar fashion, wearing clothes similar to that of the people on television. MTV essentially created what could be considered a social norm for club life. The sorts of music which was considered acceptable, and the appropriate rhythm to be applied. MTV is owned by Viacom, and Viacom owns: Comedy Central, Logo, BET, Spike, TV Land, Nick@Nite, Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nick Jr., VH1, MTV2, CMT, Palladia. Something to think about.

I think though I should clarify a few things. There's nothing wrong with this lifestyle, any of it. In truth, you'll meet a lot of nice people that abide to these principles or rules. Some of them you'll meet are assholes, and think they were the only ones watching Jay Leno last night as they deliver one of his jokes as their own. Nothing entirely wrong with that either, if that is the sort of thing you like.

Either way, thank you for reading!

(Probably to be continued)

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