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The Truth Will Set You Free. submitted 2009.11.26 04:48 PM by Stjarna viewed 2699 times

I think I finally have closure.

I have finally moved on and acquired peace. I am no longer mournful for my merely ostensible loss, and now appreciate what I have gained. At last, I see the silver lining; the sun is shining warm on my face. I can now close this window and open the door to my new reality, for you have allowed me to see that it exists without you. And contrariwise, I have a pleasant existence in this life because of my time with you. My quality of life improved by being without you, as much if not more than it did by spending time with you.

Truly, you taught me so much. You taught me to?and made me?cook. You demonstrated how to be tough?you showed me sweet MMA moves, and explained how not to take everything so seriously all the time. You inspired me to bake. You taught me how to fish. I'm reaping freedom from the truth you've sown?freedom from sadness, freedom from self-doubt, freedom from all of the weakness, ignorance, inability that was hampering me. And perhaps best of all, you proved that unconditional love is totally worth it?that it's okay to let go sometimes, because love is never so vain as to expect love in return. Before you, I wasn't sure I possessed the capacity to love that way, but there are no doubts in my mind now. I learned so much about love by spending time with you, and for that, I thank you.

You know how I feel about you. If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times, or at least in a hundred ways. I keep my promises, just like you kept yours. The honesty between us always has been infallible. It's because of this honesty that I know you'll understand why I can't be "just friends" anymore. You and I both know that it's better for both of us this way. Or at the very least, you know it's better for me this way.

In spirit, I'll always be your friend. I'll always have your back. I can root for you in the distance, from afar. And I do. I wish you the best. I can be happy for you because I am happy myself. I think we both know that for everything I'm losing by not seeing you, I'm gaining more. I'm not the love of your life; I'm the love of someone else's life, and you know I deserve every ounce of love I give.

Thanks to the truth you never failed to give me, I see it all so clearly now.

Thank you for setting me free, friend.

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