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Another year to be thankful submitted 2008.12.01 11:37 PM by Hadley viewed 2003 times

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So it's been three years. I've given up thinking The Boy is going to get any better. Sure, his speech improves slowly still, but he still has major nerve damage and no amount of therapy or treatment is taking care of that.

He can see pretty well, but one eye still won't produce tears. They've cleared and rebuilt the tear ducts, the tear glands work when directly stimulated, but the path is just?gone. It's sad to see him have to stop playing so he can go wipe his face and give himself drops. And at school, he must be running into a rare breed of asshole because he hates it. People give him a hard time about his speech, his eyes, his scars.

But he still has his laugh. It's still wheezy, just like it was in the ICU. It still starts off quietly and then builds as he catches your eye. It still lights up the room and it's still a chick magnet. I gotta get me one of The Boy. Maybe clone him.

What is new this year is that he feels normal around us again. He doesn't try to avoid talking because of his difficulties and he doesn't try to play up his other disabilities for attention. He just wants to see his cousins and fight with his sister. He's got a mean roll in Wii bowling and knows just when to kick you in tennis so you miss your shot.

I'm not going to sit here and bore you with everything he said that made me laugh, but it was a great four hours on Thursday. We're five years on, and The Boy still makes me smile every time he's around. I guess that's what really matters.

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