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Musings: SOULS submitted 2009.10.08 07:01 PM by CATAL viewed 1633 times

This isn't so much about the existence of souls and whether or not we have them and what that would. Rather it's about an interesting idea that occurred to me some time ago.

I'm sure we're all aware of the Theory of Gravity. Although almost universally accepted, the Theory of Gravity remains just that: a theory. I'm not going to claim any expertise on the subject, or on physics for that matter, but my understanding is this: all matter possesses an attractive force that draws other matter towards it. The greater the mass, the greater the pull. Essentially that's it, at least as I understand it.

Now I'm sure some of you smarty-pantses out there are gonna wax all sciencey-nerdy and what not and go like "Well ACTUALLY the Theory of Gravity blah, blah, blah, fucking blah, blah, blah, fucking blah..."

That's great. You're smart. You know things. You know about SCIENCE. Well this isn't a scientific discussion. Feel free to add whatever you want, but know this: I'm not trying to sound scientific or punch holes in scientific theories. These are just idle musings that occur to me throughout day to day life tha I've decided to share. Feel free to do the same now that I've thrown y little temper tantrum-hissy fit.

Okay, so by now you're probably wondering, "Where the hell is he going with all this?" "What's your point anyway CATAL?" "What does all this talk about gravity have to do with SOULS?"

Well I'll tell you. I'm sure many of you are familiar with certain religions or faiths or beliefs that hold that souls exist. Usually people believe only people have souls, or animals, or at least living things. Some, however, believe that all things have souls and this is not all that rare either.

For example, some people think the Earth has a soul (Gaia or something like that? I don't know, if you do, please share). Also I think the Native Americans believe rocks and mountains and the ground and sky have souls. Anyway you get the idea.

It occurred to me then, because we really don't know for sure what causes gravity (at least I don't think we know for sure, that is, for a certainty, at least not beyond the generally assumed and accepted hypothesis involving mass, smarty-pantses), couldn't it be possible that all things have souls and souls are therefore the cause of gravitational pulls. Souls are naturally attracted to each other so they exert a force upon each other drawing themselves closer. Greater masses simply posses more or more powerful souls and therefore exert greater gravitational pulls.

Would this then imply that the power of a soul correlates to the mass of an object? The Sun has a greater or more powerful soul than the Earth, the Earth has a more powerful soul tthan Mt. Everast, Mt. Everast has a more powerful soul than the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Tower has a moe powerful soul than Jean Cluade Van Damme (I just saw JCVD), Jean Claude Van Damme has a more powerful soul than a baby, a baby has a more powerful soul than an ant, et cetera ad nauseum (you get the point).

WHat then does a soul do other than gravity? Anything? I suppose that would make our soul immortal, but that wouldn't necessarily give US immortality in the same sense. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, but OUR matter, that is the matter that makes up our bodies (and therefore the soul/gravity attributed to it) is NOT constant. You eat, you defecate, you sweat, you sneeze, your skin cells die and flake off, and so on and so forth. What would that say about our souls? I don't know. It's just curious.

Curiouser and curiouser!

All that would seem to do is lend credibility to the idea of a communal universal soul that's constant swirling around is a rather chaotic manner (or maybe not depending upon your beliefs).

Think of what this would mean of black holes! They're just super dense concentrated souls! That's crazy!

So there you have it. Just something I've been rolling around in my head. Food for thought, if you will. So share your own ideas and thoughts if you want. Your own idle musings.

I'll return to some of these thoughts in another musing concerning memory.

Ta ta!

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