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A Sociological Look at Modern Man submitted 2009.10.01 04:45 AM by Symbolic_ viewed 1482 times

In all honesty, these are mostly just observations I've made at work. I suppose first and foremost, I should describe where I work, and the area if I am going to be as accurate as possible. And generally speaking, give you an idea as to why maybe this written paper isn't exactly the be all end all to this topic. I mean when you consider how many people there are all over the world, there's no absolute definition. Without further ado.

I work at a pizza place that is located in San Antonio Texas. San Antonio is the 28th largest city in the United States. San Antonio is the home of the four time NBA champions the San Antonio Spurs. Whether or not you realize it, these facts are all very important. Now to continue, the area the pizza place I work at is located in a suburb. Not an incredibly rich one mind you, but one ranging from working class to upper middle class residents. For inquiries about class see (http://www.ubersite.com/m/79 480)

The place I work at is apart of a pizza chain that is located throughout the city. The one I work at is not only the biggest, but also the busiest and most profitable in the city. One of the special features of this particular chain is it specializes in planning events for people or catering for them. Such catered events include pep rallies for sports teams, birthday parties, company parties, and also fund raising opportunities. Needless to say, it caters to a wide array of individuals, organizations as well as companies.

The position I work I get to interact with the majority of these individuals. Their conversations are more often than not within earshot of where I'm standing. Which when summarized, I have a good idea of what the average person who walks in not only looks like, the sort of language they use, and also how they treat a worker at a restaurant establishment.

Now that the Preliminary portion has been taken care of, let us begin.

Modern Man

The Modern Man in appearance typically wears a baseball cap, a sports team shirt (typically a local one). He is also ranging from just slightly overweight, to noticeably so. The shirt he is wearing doesn't always reflect a team that is local. The shirt he wears may reflect either his homeland, or perhaps the popular team of the moment. He is either the owner or manager of a small business, or specializes in some sort of manual labor.

Food and the Modern Man

The modern man enjoys an array of foods, but not just any will satisfy him. In most cases, the food prepared for the modern man needs to reflect a specific taste, and be cooked for a specific amount of time. If it does not please him, he does not hesitate to send it back and look at those whom prepared it with disappointment or disgust. Though he may not say it, the look on his face tells the story alone. The modern man also very much enjoys beer. Most have a specific brand that they stay loyal to and often boast about. Though some however, venture off and try beers they've never heard of at the behest of their fellow man.

Sports and the Modern Man

The modern man loves watching sports. His entire ensemble is a reflection to which sports team he supports. Usually, the average modern man supports the team most local to him. The modern man however, has no qualms about supporting a team not so local as long as that team is of a sport not represented by his city. There are few though, that do support teams that aren't local and are often frowned upon. Often times the modern man enjoys watching his favorite team while enjoying a beer and in the company of other men. At times as well, his wife or girlfriend will also partake, but this seldom happens. He and the other men will go to great lengths and have long discussions about what should have happened, or the bad decisions being made by some coach of their favorite sports team. If all goes well a celebration ensues, and a series of shouts of joy and high fives become very noticeable. Often times, one can't help but get enveloped or mesmerized by how involved a gigantic group of people get with something emanating from a television screen. If all doesn't go well, the group gets quiet and the celebration comes to a halt as the mood becomes somber and further talks of what should have happened ensues.

Work and the Modern Man

The modern man typically enjoys his work, no matter how tedious or mediocre he may claim. If anything, he enjoys the luxuries the work affords him. If the work will afford him any specific treatment, or discount, he isn't shy about hooking another man up as long as the favor he gets in return meets his approval. He will either talk of his difficulties at his job, or of a raise or promotion he is getting. Needless to say, he likes to speak of where his bread and butter is coming from. If his line of work is similar to yours, he also isn't shy about pointing out how you must have the same respect or love that he has.

Comedy and the Modern Man

The modern man typically enjoys most comedy he enjoyed in his youth, and rarely anything differentiating from it. He'll typically say anything he thinks is funny, even if most people around him don't find it so. If a situation presents itself for him to display his wit he readily accepts, and almost always expects recognition for his display of wit. He will also almost always ignore that which is considered PC if it is in the pursuit of a laugh. If his demands are not met, he will either continue on his way, or make a claim that you do not know what humor is.

Sex and the Modern Man

The modern man often times will admire many if not all females he finds attractive. Though he typically has a wife of his own, this does not always stop him from his pursuits of that which he finds appealing. Often times, he'll sit around with other men making remarks about women he finds attractive, usually the things he'd like to do with or to them. He will boast about conquests of his youth, or at times as well, conquests of his present day. If the female is attractive enough, he will not hesitate to bend over backwards to help her. To which he will walk back to a series of approving smiles, or even at times high fives. The female even at times knows this, which is her primary reason for her manner of dress and seductive style.

History and the Modern Man

The modern man typically considers himself a history buff. Often times though, he wont research into it past that which is considered high school level. He enjoys talking about the machinery it took to win the war, or of course glorifying the winning side. He rarely however discusses the politics of it, or even the what if scenario of being on the losing side. He'll usually only talk about either local history, or the history of the Nation he's a citizen of. If he talks about a foreign country, it'll sometimes be out of disgust, or inquiry because the news media decided to start talking about said country. If someone were to contradict him, he'd take exception, and likely debate them. Though he will often times come out the victor

Family and the Modern Man

Though he will sometimes complain about them, at heart the Modern man usually cares very much for his family. He will go to great lengths to make sure they are satisfied. He usually isn't afraid to show his affection in public, and will often times be as helpful as possible to the members of his family. He will spare no expense usually, if it will please the members of his family. Unless of course that expense conflicts with his own desires, then he will spring for only bare minimum. The modern man is usually very proud of his family, often boasting about recent accomplishments. Or even showing off pictures to which his fellow man compliments. He often times will also talk about trips he's taken with his family and discuss good vacation spots, or inquire about future spots with other men. Sometimes even groups of men will conspire, and migrate on trips of their own family or not.

Well that concludes all I can think of at the moment, I might come back to this and make a part two. If anyone out there in T.V. land has any suggestions as to how I can improve this please let me no. Until next time, thank you for reading.

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