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Musings: COLORS submitted 2009.09.28 02:59 PM by CATAL viewed 1380 times

Have you ever wondered if other people see colors the same way you do?

Take the sky for example, we call it blue. It looks blue and it's always looked blue. Everybody agrees, the sky is blue (excepting of course sunsets/rises and night and what not).

But how do we know what we think is blue is actually what other people see as blue? What if some people see in negative? For example, instead of seeing what we call blue, they see what we would call orange.

However, they don't call it orange, they call it blue, they've always called it blue. In fact, we call it blue too, but it appears to us as what they would call orange.

We see two different colors, but since they always align we've agreed on what to call them.

This brings up further interesting questions.

Are there objective colors? I mean to say is there a color BLUE that is always blue and transcends human experience? Is there an essence to what blue is and one of us mistakenly calls it orange because that's what we've always heard people call that color that we see?

Or rather do colors appear different to everybody? Is there no set scheme to the spectrum? Maybe it's just random how we perceive the world. Or maybe there is a limited number of ways to perceive it and people randomly fall into one of a finite set of categories. For example, people with blue eyes see colors one way and people with brown eyes see it another.

Apparently people with a fairer color eyes are more sensitive to light. I myself have light blue eyes and am not partial to bright lights, but I always assumed it was the same for everybody.

Does the world look darker to people with deep brown eyes? What kind of effect does that have on a person's psychology?

In the pacific northwest of the continental United States they see a lot of rain and inclement weather. Apparently suicide rates are higher in that part of the country. If there is some direct causation there what does that mean for people with darker eyes who see the world through a darker lens?

If we do see colors differently or with a different level of brightness, what would life be like through their eyes? I'm sure we all have certain connotations and feelings connected with the way we see things. Seeing a certain color might bring back memories f nostalgia or one color might seem more feminine or one color might make us feel happy or sad.

Imagine now the way you see the world has been completely reversed or is assembled by color in a seemingly random way. How different would your life be?

What if the Stars and Stripes and Union Jack weren't red, white, and blue, but rather pink, orange, and green? What would it be like to suddenly switch life-views to that one? For people who've always seen the world that way it wouldn't have the same connotations as it would for us.

I don't know. It just seems weird Weird and interesting.

No point to this post beyond my own musings. More to come.

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