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Bizarre Foods submitted 2009.09.23 12:42 PM by Fallen viewed 2117 times

Pardon me for just a second


Sorry, I've been like that for a few days.

American television has a bad rap of putting out some seriously mindless crap. Reality shows, celebrity worship, Oprah, yeah, I guess that can be an accurate statement. Our programming selections also reflect our culture as well.
We have minority networks, gay, religious, music, cartoons, science and yes, even a network devoted to gluttony, the Food Network. But what got me going was a show on the usually quality Travel Channel called "Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern".

The premise is simple; he travels all around the world and shows you the unique and diverse foods that people eat, and eats said foods, himself. His tag line is "if it looks good, eat it."

There are a lot of mainstream foods that we all have eaten that others would be repulsed by. I personally don't like it myself, but all my life people I know have eaten Tripe, the lining of a cow's stomach.

Yum! I guess.

There's Haggis and Escargot and Squid and lots of other acquired tastes that we are familiar with but nothing like the assault on the senses I had when I saw an episode of our boy Andrew in action. His comments on the delicacies just added to the overall experience.

For example
Jelly fish salad- "it does not taste like jelly or fish"
It doesn't look like jelly or fish either, btw.

Maggot pupae- " these are regular flavored but they are making garlic and herb soon"
Oh, well that's a relief!

Roasted Tarantula- " it has a slight crab or lobster flavor to it"
Sure it does.

Teriyaki Cockroaches- "there's a gag reflex with insects this big, due to the amount of gooey insides, but the teriyaki takes away almost all the bitter aftertaste."

Cherry tomatoes with four, 2-inch long Mealworms stuck into it- "as a rule, bugs taste like what they themselves eat."
So would that be shit or dead animal flavor?

Did I mention that this show was in Hi-def? It was. 1080p of every slimy, furry, snot looking, mucus glazed bite.

Since my stomach was now totally devoid of contents I was safe to check the web and see what I missed on other episodes. I guess I should thank Wikipedia for saving this information for posterity.

A partial list, by the way:
Soup no. 5 (bull's rectum and testicles soup).
Stuffed pancreas
Mosquito eggs
Beluga and Bowhead whale muktuk (fermented blubber),
Chicken uterus
Fried bees
Cobra parts including beating heart and dried bones
Camel paw
Fried deer penis,
Wild boar's liver, brain, and testicles
Cow udder
Fresh bull testicle and scrotum stew
Stuffed duck's feet
Worm and hairy crab roe omelet
Mutton liver and kidney stew
Brain curry
Llama jerky
Donkey rib and tail stew and skin
Guinea pig
Jellied moose nose

So, who's in for a McMuffin?
I'm buying.

rating: 6

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