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pH pH R3: The Final: "The Music Ends At MIdnight" submitted 2009.09.17 01:12 PM by Fallen viewed 2441 times


The Grand Duke stepped past the guard at the door and entered the room; aside from the horrific scene of carnage the Tremaine home was lovely. "Obviously" thought the Grand Duke "someone pays close attention to the cleanliness of the estate."

The inspector on scene explained the grim site before them.

"Lady Treamain is on the couch near the window sir, it appears she was asleep at the time of the attack."
Walking to the far side of the room he continued, "Her eldest Anastasia?"
Pointing toward the crumpled mess by the doorway leading in from the hall.
And finally walking to the last body; "Drizella the other daughter, it would look to be, she tried making a run for it as her sister was assaulted, and she did not make it."

The three women were still dressed in their gowns from the previous evening's activities. They had attended the Royal ball and had left early. Due to the fact that the last place they were seen alive was the palace, the King dispatched the Grand Duke to oversee the investigation. The bodies were found by the butcher's delivery boy early this morning. They had all died of a slit throat.

"Is there any evidence?"
"The house cat was found dead as well sir, but oddly it appears he was trampled by horse hooves, yet there are no hoof prints leading out of the house, only into it. A small leather shoe was found in the room, it belongs to the maid."

"Ah, a witness!" Exclaimed the Duke.

"No sir, the girl has been questioned thoroughly. She finished her chores and had retired for the evening to her room in the north tower. She neither saw nor heard anything."

"What else have the investigators found" the Grand duke asked.
"Well sir the wounds were made not by a knife, as the incisions were jagged as if done by broken glass."
"When do they place the time of the attacks?"
"Just before midnight, sir"

Word count: 334

rating: 10

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