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pHpH R2: A Slight Change In Temperature submitted 2009.09.10 01:23 PM by Fallen viewed 2421 times

The sound of the waves hitting the beach was always my favorite of settings. Ah, if only it could stay this way forever. No more of the..

9-10-09 12:25:04 pm

As if on cue.
The tenth? Has it been two days already?
I should not be surprised, time has had little meaning since the upgrades were installed. Upgrades, ha! I am still human am I not?
No, I guess that word is not the one I use to describe me, not any more.
What a joke the security is here, you would think of all places, a little challenge would be in place.
I assume the missing guard is just considered a no-show? Can guards do that? Just not show up for work? Typical of how things are these days. Hence, the need for change, and the need for me.

9-10-09 12:37:10pm

What of the vent cover?
I put it back in place, but surely someone would have noticed a slight bend in the metal or dust from pulling it from the wall.
No I guess not, steel that thick isn't just yanked from the wall or bent as it was. Not by any other intruder. I'm not any other intruder though now am I?

Ahh, palm trees and sunshine, it feels so real, like I am really there. Even the sounds of the seagulls grow distant as they fly away. Away from me and this imaginary tree I'm leaning against. Imaginary, but oh so real, at least to me it is.

28.7 FEET

Well, well, hello Chancellor
I'll be quick. I have a hammock waiting with my name on it.

Word count: 280

rating: 13

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