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Shadow Creepers submitted 2009.09.03 07:38 AM by Afriel viewed 2782 times

Journal Entry 1.
Username - DysfuntionalSoul
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Date - March 16th

It's been happening for four days now, so I felt the need to write it down, document this somehow. Share it.
My name is Carl, I'm 27 years old and I haven't left the house for three days because they won't let me.
I don't know who 'they' are, but I don't think they are friendly.

I have contemplated phoning the police but 'they' have a habit of hiding when they don't want to be seen. Even when they do not hide, I can't entirely see them. Besides, I know I sound like a crack pot and I can't be labelled crazy. Not again. I can't go back there.
So I say nothing, I just wait.

It started with an eerie sense of being watched, I felt uneasy in the home left to me by my mother, the home in which I was born and raised. But I was alone. It's situated on a quiet road between two small hamlets, I am used to isolation and not easily spooked but this... The atmosphere has changed. Something is different and very wrong.

I have increased my dosage and hope the feeling will pass.
So far it hasn't. And this is why.

I started seeing things. Nothing definite just the suggestion of a figure in a darkened room, a flicker of movement in the corner of my eye. They are outside too. At night I stand at the door with the lights switched off and I can see dark silhouettes move behind the shivering trees.
At this point they seemed to prefer the blackness of evening but today this has changed.

I have no friends, no family, only a contact at the hospital and he only visits once a month. But I am not phoning him. I don't want to go back, I can't. I can't live that nightmare again. I'd rather die.

Today, as I was showering, I heard them in the corridoor. It's like rustling leaves, dried and dead, a low grumble of a sound that despite the fall of hot water on my skin gives me goosebumps. Even the over the gush of the falling droplets I can hear them. I feel them lurking, spying on me.

As I made breakfast, I saw a flash of what I can only describe as smoke pass from the lounge into the hallway. These things, they are all forms and sizes. Sometimes the height of a man and minutes ago, as I sat at my computer to write this, tiny dots of creatures, speedily passing through the crevices of my keyboard, in a blink, gone.

They have no outline, no clear edge, just a faint suggestion of being. I have never seen anything before like them. And yet I know they exsist.

I am not mad, it doesn't feel like madness, it feels like creeping, I can't think of any other word. When I see them I feel sick, when I hear them I want to curl up, I know they are here now, hiding, watching, it makes my skin crawl.
I know they mean harm, I can feel it, malice fills the air so much I can smell it, like sulphur and rotten meat, and I can taste their cruel intention on my tongue, bitter and rank.

I am not insane, I have upped my dosage twice and to no effect but a pounding headache and drowsy state. I just sit here and wait, wait to see what happens next.

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Journal Entry 2.
Username - DysfuntionalSoul
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Date - March 19th

They have started moving things. Food I know I have purchased has gone missing, no trace. I woke up yesterday to find the furniture in the living room rearranged. Everything pushed to the middle. I think they are coming in from the walls. I spent three hours sealing the property, every vent, every crack in the windows. every tap and plughole filled. I may not rid my house of the ones here already but I can at least try and prevent others from entering.

Night is the worse. I just lay in bed listening, that rustling sound as they move around the house, looking, seeking out whatever they desire, playing tricks.

I think the got under the floorboards too, I hear them scrapping at the wooden joists as I cower under the blankets.

A hundred times I have taken the phone in my hand and thought about phoning the hospital but I don't think this is me, it's not in my head, I don't think they can make it stop. Whatever is happening feels out of our control. I can just wait.

I tried leaving the house the other day, I got as far as the front door before the walls began to whisper, and the sensation of a thousand prickles ripped through my body forcing me back onto the floor in a heap. Then I heard it, a raspy voice from the other side of the door, 'Caaa-rrrl'.

I stopped taking my medication altogether, it makes me too sleepy and I need to stay alert. I have armed myself with the few lethal objects I have been allowed to keep, a small kitchen knife and the blade from my razor but even I know this is a futile aresenal against an unseen enemy.
I am defenceless but against what I have no idea.

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Journal Entry 3.
Username - DyfuctionalSoul
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Date - March 22nd

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Thank you so much for all your mails of support. To know that I am not alone means something.

I too have been watching the live news feeds on the internet, these things are cropping up everywhere, across the entire country. Unconfirmed reports have suggested there are incidents in other countries hundreds of miles away. We are all waiting. Gas and water supplies have been intereferred with in some areas and a few towns have no electricity either. One village in the wilderness of the Scottish Hebredies hasn't made contact in two days. I am not alone suspecting the worse.

I still have my telephone but I know now I have no need to call the hospital, I can see for myself it's not me and it's inundated with patients anyway. Floods of people swamping the wards, laying in uncontrollable agony. Men, women, children, babies, the enemy does not discriminate. Leaked footage, shaky and grainy, taken by some over worked member of staff has been posted on the internet and shown around the world.

A woman lays naked on a bed, a morphine drip attached to her left hand seems useless against her suffering. Her skin is red and raw as if she has been dragged behind a car, a thousand bloodied grazes. She writhes and yells in pain, thrashing around the stained sheets. Fluid is leaking from her nose, her ears, between her legs, a yellow viscous pus, streaked with crimson. She gurgles as it fills her mouth, spilling onto her chest. For a second she looks at the camera, howling and wild and then you see it. The black shadows pass over the whites of her terrified eyes, whatever surrounds me is in her, attacking from within. the video cuts out as her skin begins to blister and explode with a sickening pop.

From what we are told the Army have been drafted in but so far with little effect other to calm a public on the verge of riot of those that are able to leave their homes, which are alarmingly few in number now. It seems 'they' only let you leave if you are infected. The military have tried their guns, explosives, even nerve gas but all attempts so far have ened in a negative result. There is talk of using nuclear weapons but the government is slow to act.
It's hard to fight and enery which shifts it's shape and hides, conceals itself in the tiniest crack, the smallest corner. They have been called 'Shadow Creepers'.

A few people have surrendered themselves to the sinister darkness, entering derelict buildings where the shadows seem to gather and multiply. They have never been seen alive again. News reports dub the fools mad, speaking with experence I say they are just stupid.

The best advice we have been given is to sit tight, so here I sit and wait. I am not scared of death, it is but a release, a journey. I have already lived through Hell, walked the pits of despair and survived the evil I found within myself.
So I sit and wait and talk to you, all sitting all waiting, typing targets, not in the hands of fate but a creature that our mind can't comprehend.
Someone once said that if you take away all the technology and science that made has invented since humans evolved, you are left with nothing but the same man from thousands of years ago.
I feel that now, we are stripped of all we have, nothing works against this unseen force, we are at it's mercy all we have is a God to pray to and hope that some divine intervention will spare us.

We just sit and wait. Sit and wait.

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