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Escapism submitted 2009.08.30 04:29 AM by Symbolic_ viewed 1645 times

Surrounded by everyone and also no one. Listening to every conversation around you, listening for a few specific words, a few specific phrases. Looking into their eyes seeing if their words were intended for you, watching their movement, memorizing their outline, assigning a role to the figure that's passing you by. Random congregations with random conversations about topical humor, the progress of local sports teams, and current popular movies.

Roles assigned for the day, Ok.

Today you'll be the Supervisor I like working with. I have no honest absolute opinion about any supervisor as they always conflict, I will say there are those that work, and those that work harder that is all.

Today you sir will be the guy in the back making the food who I enjoy random banter with.

Today ma'am you will be the person helping him make the food in the back who enjoys my random banter as well.

Today you sir will clean the tables and wash dishes, you're also the guy I talk to on occasion you're pretty cool. Don't worry someone is coming in an hour to help you out.

Today you will be in the noisiest, most vibrant, room we have. I haven't really talked or met you or even the guy you're working with. Though I'll be sure to notice when you leave because you wear a different color shirt.

Today you ma'am will listen to the patrons and be as helpful as possible. I always thought you were a good person at heart, a truly good person anyways, and hope you keep that about you for the rest of your life.

Today ma'am you will also listen to patrons and be just as helpful. I don't know what I can say to you exactly, except you're probably one of the few amazing human beings I've met in my life. There will be a day when the world will break you, when that glimmer in your eye is shattered. It will probably be because of some asshole who knew what to say and how to say it, but not really mean it. You will think you're in love, and he will have you believe it, and you will marry and live off and on unhappily. Until you're divorced with three children; wondering what happened to that girl that said she'd never get married or have children? Know that I think the world is your oyster, and in another life we were probably lovers.

Now every role is assigned, every person has their place. Go forth and dance, remember your choreography. Watch your balance, ready your answer to every possible question you can be asked. Work within the flow of things, oh watch yourself you almost got knocked over!

"How much is it?"


"Can I get a doggy bag?"

"Did you want a big one a small one?"

"Can you warm this up some how?"

"Sure we'll let you know when it's ready."

"How much longer will it be?"

"Within 5 to 7 minutes."

"Can I get change?"

"Are fives ok?"

Slipper Sleaze into a trance.


"Huh what?"

"What are you thinking about? You seem so involved in this other world, I was just wondering what it is you're thinking about?"

"In all honesty, a lot of different things at once. Mostly life though and how things look from my perspective I guess."

"And how do they look?"

"Dreary, but I'm speaking from loneliness."

"Well at least you're honest."

"Indeed I am. What is your view of the world."

"That life is but a dream."

"If I had a glass I would toast to that."

"What else do you think about though besides life?"

"I don't know different things really, you have a customer."

"Oh shit!"

(to himself) "And that is why time is my greatest enemy and friend."

After hours of needless and careless banter, after hours of doing the seemingly endless waltz. The time for reassembly is at hand. Put away and restock for the morrow is scratching at our door.

Goodnight, and Good luck.

(To Be Continued)

rating: 8

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