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pHpH: R1 - "Not Enough Gasoline" submitted 2009.08.30 12:20 AM by CATAL viewed 1934 times


Entrée: Copper Wire Spaghetti with Batteries and Gasoline Sauce

Submitted by: Roy Batty


3 ½ cups gasoline, unleaded

2 ½ cups crude oil

2 cups anti-freeze

6 dry cell D-batteries (C batteries may be used as substitute)

2 quarts sulfuric acid

12 feet copper wire

2 cups iron filings

6 ounces powdered lye

1 gallon water

¼ lb. shredded rubber

½ cup granulated chlorine

Red phosphorus to taste

What you'll need:

2 Large non-porous glass dishes

Medium steel drum to mix sauce


A sharp blade

Non-corroding mixer

Begin by cutting wire into 6 inch strips and removing insulation (place this aside as to later use as a garnish). Then mix lye with water in one of the non-porous glass dishes (you don't want it dissolving). Once the solution is cloudy white place cut copper wires in the dish to soak for about 20 to 30 minutes. Stir intermittently.

While wire is soaking fill the other glass dish with sulfuric acid and gently place batteries in order to dissolve casing.

Prepare sauce by first mixing gasoline and crude oil in medium size steel drum. Once it begins to boil, add anti-freeze and reduce to simmer. Be careful when heating. Do not expose to an open flame as to avoid combustion (ruins flavor). Mix in iron filings (inspect beforehand for rust) and add red phosphorus to taste.

Remove wire from solution once they have turned rusty brown in color. Dispose of solution or save for future recipes.

Remove batteries from acid before casing is completely dissolved as to maintain shape, but to remove any plastics from the case. It is okay if the casing has ruptured. Place the batteries over the wire along with shredded rubber.

Once the sauce is ready (should be a dark, murky brown) pour it over the wire and batteries. Sprinkle granulated chlorine on top and serve.

Serves 2-3 androids.


Pris Stratton: "Excellent!!!"

I make this for my husband and our recently built son who is a bit of a picky eater and he loves it! We all do! This is one of our favorite meals; I usually make it at least twice a month! Great for small families with a young child still adjusting to "adult model" fuels.

Bender: "I feel like I'm eating at Elzar's!"

Hey everyone, it's me, Bender! Oh man, this recipe is SO delicious! It's an experience for all seven of my senses, even SMISION! Eating this at home makes me feel like I'm eating at Elzar's! And believe me, I know food; after all I'm the reigning Zinc Saucier!

GORT: "Not enough gasoline"

Good recipe, but it needs more gasoline. I usually substitute one cup of gasoline for one cup of the crude oil. Gives the sauce a more "refined" taste.


This recipe is not intended to be served to humans! I served this to my masters and they took severely ill and died within the hour! DO NOT FEED TO HUMANS! THEY WILL DIE!! Don't make the same mistake I did!

rating: 10

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