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1,000 Words, 749 Characters submitted 2009.08.28 12:21 AM by mayh3m viewed 1921 times

I love the idea of something that lasts forever. Fact is truth and truth can stand the test of time. Needless to say I am fond of honesty. I am fond of the idea that someone is being themselves when they share something with you. I am fond of people that are not afraid to be themselves, because it's really all you have left at the end of time. That's a fact.

The world gets along fine without you or me, that's definitely true. It might be better off knowing we exist but that's for the world to decide and for you to take advantage of really. I would hate to think of a world where "evil-doers" ran rampant, but the opposite doesn't seem like too much fun either. If there's no growth if there's no reason to grow, and sadly I think we've been conditioned to the point that pain and struggle is the only way to grow. I sometimes stare at a plant or flower and wonder what pain it feels as it blossoms. Does it understand pain? If it did, what would it complain about? How would it display dissatisfaction? Would it's color not be as bright? Is that why some flowers don't grow as large as others? I read into things too much, but you probably realized that before reading too much into this.

My thoughts don't last very long though. They only last as long as they occupy space in my mind, and maybe then some if I share it with you and you give me the time of day. Most won't, and why should they? We've got enough problems to worry about without having to hear someone tell you about their crappy lives or show you some dumb picture of them and their beautiful life. It's odd how those two work. I don't usually write about how happy or blessed I am in life. I tend to show it. I show it with a picture. When I write, I like to look at like critically and in that there is sometimes some negative, but I don't mean to come off in that way. With a picture, though, I make sure to capture something beautiful, something breath-taking. I want to have a picture of something I want to never forget; a moment that will stay with me and mean something to me for the rest of my life. It's these moments that I want to outlive me. I don't want the times where I was in pain or weak or struggling to be what I leave behind for this earth to inherit. While those are indeed the times I've grown the most, people go about their lives and experience pain all the time. Why would I want to leave that behind for a generation?

No, I'd rather leave them something of value. Something they can look to and say "well hell, that's a mighty fine scene right there." I don't want my legacy of this earth to be one of sadness or doubt, struggle or misery. A wise man once said "the best of us can find happiness in misery," but I think the best of us realize that we only find happiness because we understand what happiness is. Happiness is a feeling, and feelings are felt by everyone (as redundant as that sounds). Feelings are forever. I can't imagine a world where we forget what it's like to be angry, what it's like to be sad, or what it's like to be happy. So the best of us embrace those emotions. We write about them, we paint them, we sing the- we share emotions with the world. Usually we're ignored, but that's just the world's way of encouraging us to be better. We're conditioned to force struggle on each other because we've got enough problems, don't need to be helping someone else get through theirs. Or maybe I had it wrong back there, and I don't mean just the grammar.
Maybe these are just random thoughts, thrown into a computer, sent to you to think about, and it's up to you to think about them. You probably won't, but that's okay. I only wrote this so you'd realize why I posted that picture I posted. I just wanted you to get it.
I wanted you to see that regardless of what you think, that picture will live forever. That's a fact.

And fact is truth, and truth can stand the test of time.

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