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The Sound of Silence submitted 2009.08.19 05:21 PM by Thornicus viewed 1976 times

Hallucinating, in my dreams, the seeds were left behind;
A remnant of my ancient friend, named Darkness of the Mind.
They crept about and spoke in ways that only I could hear,
Conversing with my hippocampus, instigating fear.

Unnerved, I quietly arose and stumbled to the street,
Where halos met my eyes and cobblestones did grace my feet.
Deflecting cold and humid air, a collar flipped askew
Would do the trick to keep me warm, alone with naught to do.

Abrasive, epileptic light then suddenly arose,
And forced the darkness into pieces as it decomposed,
My orbs adjusting from the piercing of the neon glow,
That touched the taciturnity, unveiling evening's show.

Within that light, a score of thousands danced before my eyes,
All muted, deaf, and ignorant to my vehement cries:
"Poor simpletons!" I said. "This lull within you will engorge,
"Recant your sins and cast away what it would have you forge!"

But, falling like the rain, my words just echoed in reply;
I could not change the sign that they were dominated by,
Which flickered on the walls of tenements and undergrounds,
While people bowed and prayed unto the silence of its sound.

rating: 9

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