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Gentle submitted 2008.11.29 11:26 AM by SledgeHammer viewed 1438 times

I saw a raven wheeling in front of the rising sun today.
It made me feel... gentle.

Not do-gooder gentle, feel-good lovey-dovey gentle.

More like, the calm after the storm gentle,
Gentle like having faced the worst gentle.

Like inevitable gentle, like surrender gentle.

The calmness that comes from surveying a battlefield,
Overwhelmed by the beyond-human-grasping calamity of it all.

I saw ravens wheeling over the untouchable fact of humanity gone wrong.
I saw wolves fat and lazy, tongues lolling, fully fed.

Gently, gently... a wolf rolls onto his back, squinting in the bright sunrise light.

A raven wheels in front of the rising sun,
And the Earth is gentle.

rating: 4

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