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Paradise challenge: "Sometimes It's The Little Things" submitted 2009.08.07 01:03 PM by Fallen viewed 2126 times

"omg hes back, hurry"

Becky furiously tapped out the text to her friend, Jen, who was over near the frozen foods.
Moments later Jen found Becky peeking through the shelving, into the next aisle.

"Is he still here? Did I miss him?" Jen said

"Shut up he'll hear you, look see? It's like I was telling you"

Jen looked between the cereal boxes that Becky had moved, and saw the man that had been the source of wonder for the two girls.

"The man", as Becky referred to him, was standing there simply looking at the small four foot section of shelving. Wordlessly he would pick up a few items, flip them over and read the label before placing them back and repeating the process with another item from the shelf. There was not anything about him that would distinguish him from any other shopper, aside from a peaceful and content smile that seemed to give him sort of a glow.

"That's him? He doesn't look crazy. He's just another shopper"

"Jen, he's comes in every few days, goes to the same rack, looks at the same shelf, picks up the same stuff, then leaves. He doesn't buy anything, he just stands there smiling. He must be crazy or something."

"How long has this been going on?"

"A few weeks" Becky replied. "I was stocking those weird clear noodle things on the Asian side of the aisle, when he first came in."

"Did you talk to him?"

"I asked if he needed help finding anything, he said no. he seemed normal, but then he kept coming back."

Jen looked again

"I think you're the crazy one, Beck. So he just stands there, he looks really happy."

The sound of a can being placed on the shelf and the sound of shoes on tile broke the girls' conversation.

"Come on, Becky, he's gone, I want to look."

The girls made their way around the opposite end of the aisle from where "The Man" headed. Arriving at the same section that had held his attention, Jen picked up the small green can that was apparently so fascinating.

"What the hell are mushy peas?"

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