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Beneath the Gravitys Rainbow. submitted 2009.08.02 03:33 AM by Symbolic_ viewed 1544 times

Bear with me dear reader, I am heading out into uncharted waters. I'm not sure where this piece is going to end up. I only know that its end will likely not be an end at all really maybe just....

By the way, you don't have to watch the vids, they're just their for fun really. Enjoy!

Beating a Dead Horse

The crowd gathers round the fallen beast. A magnificent stallion the size of three burly men, the weight of two sumo wrestlers whole. It's coat and mane dark as coal, with eyes straight from the fires of hell. The crowd chased the beast for miles, for it was to be branded and sold, the beast would have none of this and ran as far and as fast as it could. Had it been a hundred years prior, the beast would've succeeded, however, man had learned his lessons from the past. Though the beast could outrun the average man, the beast could not outrun mans mechanic creations. The beast could not dodge all of the metallic ravenous shards, hungering for the beasts flesh. Slowly and surely, the beast was brought down. As the crowd gathered, they all produced various blunt objects. And on the command of the man with the tallest hat, they proceeded to beat the beast into the earth.


And they continued beating the dead horse until the bones turned to dust.

"What are you writing?"


"You're writing something, what is it you're writing."

"Oh, uhh, why do you ask?"

"I don't know, I've seen you sit there and write things before, I always wondered what you were writing about. Call it human curiosity."

"Oh well, it's social commentary on the human condition. How we like to do the same things to death, but essentially try to improve until the point where the point itself is null and void. Much like the use of nuclear weapons in war."

"What do you mean?"

"Well before nuclear weapons, and before the advancement of armaments to the degree that we have today for that matter. War was something to be romanticized about. You had swords and shields, and axes and spears and those sorts of things. Technology did play a role, but man was at the center of it, and had to be just as if not more so advanced than technology. Now a days technology does much more of the work taking the fun and joy out of it. Essentially though, using a nuclear weapon wouldn't prove who's the best, it would only prove who has the better technology. Though that can be argued as being the best, if both sides have it, it eliminates a contest all together. The contest becomes, not necessarily about ability, but mutually assured destruction."

"You're a strange one you know that."

"Well, I suppose. The story does apply to arguments though of course the arguments we have amongst each other. We often times fight about the same things, just in a different context, give it a different name, a different circumstance, or even a different place. Inevitably it will usually have the same underlying theme with which both people usually always overlook. And that is where they have their downfall. Then more than likely, they'll seek refuge in a probably some what accurate, yet crude rationalization, but never come close to any sort of real truth."

Slipper Sleaze into a trance.

"Come, come with us. Come on, let's play together."

I'm melting. I see myself as a crude grilled cheese sandwich made in a microwave. One piece of ham, two slices of kraft cheese between two pieces of wonder bread, rotating, and nuked.







out of the microwave and into the mouth of it's eater.

"Eww the cheese is all gross I don't want this shit any more."

The eater throws it away, spitting out the taken bite and all. Into the trash with a half eaten yogurt, most of a carrot, and a burned bag of popcorn. The eater not yet satisfied, and also not out of food to waste, gets to work to his next blunder as he takes out a jar of peanut butter and wonders what it would be like coupled with mayonnaise. He thinks to himself, he must invent a new kind of food that way he can retire for the rest of his life.

Slipper Sleaze into a trance, I lost my way, but only at first glance. I seek to see but don't recognize the song and dance. I lost the battle, I lost my chance. So slip away into the night, slip away and do take flight. Slip away to tomorrows mourn, slip away from selfish scorn.

"Mayonnaise and peanut butter, how sick!"

An entire jar of both mayonnaise and peanut butter now lies in the trash can next to most a carrot, a burned bag of popcorn, a now simmering crudely made grilled cheese sandwich, and a half eaten yogurt. The eater still not satisfied, perks his head once again into the refrigerator. This time in the freezer section. The eater notices a bag of opened chicken nuggets, he thinks to himself "Chicken nuggets these are awesome!" places the contents of the bag, frost and all, onto a plate and promptly into the microwave.

7:77 ENTER








"Done finally!" The eater indulges only to discover the cruel fate that is freezer burn. "EWW SICK! What the heck happened to these! They were good when they were bought, now they're all disgusting."

And another plate of food joins the growing trash can, most of a carrot, a burned bag of popcorn, a half eaten yogurt, a now cold crude grilled cheese sandwich, an entire jar of both peanut butter and mayonnaise.

Slipper Sleaze into a trance, paradox haze and cameras glance. Paranoid dreamers of my youth, sit around and hog the booth. Paranoid dreamers I declare, what dreams will you sing me, please hold the despair! Slipper sleaze until I'm dust, silent visions my body rust. Slipper sleaze into a trance, my vocals gone I no longer dance.

"Maybe just.... I need a change in pace in life in action"

Enter Nostalgic moment

(or in other words a section or paragraph from something I wrote years ago that applies at the moment, not verbatim but the overall implication)

"In the past few years I often felt as though my life was changing, changing in way's I could never grasp. Every time I felt I had understood something, or felt that I knew everything something else came into play to contradict what I felt or thought. Things never seemed stable, they seemed to randomly happen. I never lived a life of routine I guess you would say. Every time a routine was placed upon me I would find ways to change it. Like say I went out walking, I would walk a route for about a few months and then all of the sudden take a new route.

It's not just that either I have also noticed that things I enjoy during leisurely activities have changed as well. I do not enjoy watching childrens programming as much as I used to. I remember back when, all I would ever look for or watch were cartoons. I still do watch cartoons to an effect but not the cartoons that have meaningless stories and simple plots. I remember back when, when all I would ever do was go outside and play with friends. We would play random games we made up or the usual hide and seek.

Suddenly I found myself watching things like the drew carey show, home improvement, 3rd rock from the sun, seinfeld, and in very rare cases friends. But what I can't figure out is what turned me on to those various television shows? What made me watch them in the first place? The only guess I have is I may have seen the show one day at a friends house or a parent made me sit through the show and I just liked it. But it was just the fact that i seemed to be replacing all the shows I grew up with one by one with sitcoms aimed at an older generation.

Things like that bothered me because it marked a sign that I was growing up. And when I was young I didn't want to be an adult, cause adult's always seemed stressed, they always seemed everyday was just another day, they never looked at all the opportunities that laid before them. It seemed as though adult's were content with a routine and never questioned a break in the chain of it. I didn't want that, I wanted to live a life where I didn't have to settle, where everything I wanted I could achieve and didn't have to succumb to a routine by doing so. I realize that it is all possible but I'm just going by what I saw."

X years later I still feel the same way. Except the difference is I'm more of a hypocrite this time around. I think a bigger difference is, I'm much hungrier these days and I feel like I have more of a voice now, than I did when I was younger. But when I was younger I had the words, and without those words I wouldn't have a use for this silly voice I've some how obtained. I still love like I did, I still analyze like I could, I still rationalize like a mad man. But I accept much more quickly, and dismiss grudges sooner.

Bottom line, I want freedom, and I want life.

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