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Fat People Are Bad For Business submitted 2009.07.31 09:07 AM by Fallen viewed 2748 times

I had the opportunity to eat at a Chipotle restaurant over the weekend.

For those of you not familiar it is like a Subway, only instead of subs they make burritos. So I guess its not that much like a Subway at all then, aside from the fact they both sell food. But whatever.

I placed my order with the Mexican gentleman behind the counter.
I like the fact that he and all the employees were in fact Mexicans. It adds something to the dining experience when an ethnic dining establishment has ethic staff. I want Chinese people working at a Chinese restaurant I want a big Italian guy making me a pizza, and I want to buy Mexican food from Mexican people.

The burritos are fresh made in front of you and nothing at all like the crap that Taco Bell tries to push off as Mexican food. Taco Bell cheese comes out of a caulk gun looking thing, yummy. This somewhat supports the Mexican food by Mexican people theory I mentioned.

So, after getting my food I look at this rather substantial burrito before me and I'm sure some corner of my mind wondered "is this healthy or not?" It was big, but its all fresh ingredients so it must be ok. I pushed these thought aside and made my way to the counter to grab a bottle of Smokey Chipotle flavor Tabasco sauce.

Hmm, some coincidence there huh?

That is when I saw them. There was a table of large people. The matriarch of this group was an African American woman of such girth I find it hard to put into words. I'm a big guy and using myself as reference I calculated that she must have been approximately..........
Four thousand pounds!
With her was her husband and two smaller yet oh-so portly women, leading me to immediately realize the old joke of smaller fat chicks being in orbit around her to be based in truth.

I have seen large Black women before; I always wondered why they lean toward this tendency of morbid obesity. I think because that black men do not seem to mind a "thick" girl. Not being Black myself I am at a loss to understand.

In retrospect it is quite possible that they were in fact not Black but only appeared that way due to light not being able to escape her gravitational tug.

I sat back down and stared at my burrito and glimpsing back over to my fellow patrons. You see, due to my cheapness I could not waste it but it made me wonder if I would actually eat here again seeing exactly what could become of me if I followed the eating habits of the other table.

In the end I did what most Americans do.
I ordered a Diet Coke and felt better about myself.

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