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Orpheus submitted 2009.07.17 05:30 PM by Thornicus viewed 2276 times

O, sweet Eurydice, forever lost,
Succumbed to serpents' bites upon your heel,
To Hades, I shall make one last appeal,
A final means, a mode I must exhaust.

As I petitioned, Pluto's eyes were glossed,
Transfixed upon my lyre's song surreal,
With one soft note, your death he did repeal,
A resurrection at a single cost.

"Do not look back", the unseen one declared,
"Or she shall disappear a final time."
He disappeared into the underworld,
And, stepping forward, we embarked, prepared.

Upon the brink, I made the final climb,
And turned to find you lost, my plan unfurled.


O, Thracians, men of merry nature, ye,
Who beckon that I join in drink and song,
Amnestics to forget her who is gone,
Red wine and food, Bacchantes dance for thee.

In spritely fashion and much jubilee,
Your gentle words coercing me along,
Yet I remain unfaltering and strong,
Still loyal to my dead Eurydice.

Though tempted by your orgies of the night,
I shall resist your sweet Maenadic gift,
And not bow down to your Dionysus
For I revere Apollo, god of light.

My head, now flowing down the Hebrus, swift,
Yes, I am Orpheus, the first sodomite.

rating: 9

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