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I Carry You With Me submitted 2009.07.17 12:58 PM by Fallen viewed 1612 times

Would it bring a smile to your face to know that your name was said, ninety-three feet below the Hudson River, in a city you've only seen in movies?
In the Holland tunnel my mind silently screamed your name at the top of its voice, heard only by me.
I carry you with me.

Your smile flashed through my memory at thirty two thousand feet over the Midwest, like the lightning outside my window.
I carry you with me.

Three hundred feet above the Nevada desert, the suns reflections remind of the gold in your hair.
I carry you with me.

Fate and circumstance enjoy toying with me, they show me vividly images of what could but most likely will not be.

Long a victim of their games, I am no fool.

I know one day a golden tongued devil will turn my silver to tarnish.
That a few whispered words will drown out volumes of my distant text.
That rough hands will replace my imagined touch.
That warm breath will chase me back to phantasm as frost on a pane.

Until then I will cherish every moment of time that fate has blessed me with.
I will hold this delicate flower in my hand.
And I will carry you with me.

rating: 9

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