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My Secret pHalentine submitted 2009.07.16 02:33 PM by Thornicus viewed 2099 times

O hark, my precious pHalentine,
For whom the beasts of burden pine,
My secret online love!
You still the hearts of tainted men
With your precocious acumen,
And sarcasm thereof.

I know not what your age may be,
Wh'er twelve, nineteen, or thirty-three;
It matters not to me.
For true relations know no bounds,
Not time, nor cup size that astounds;
Nay, none applies to thee.

Your written banter, so divine,
With n'er a whine, my pHalentine,
It chills me to the soul.
Your posts, most fleeting, do impart
A message on my beating heart
Of which I now extol.

If should we ever meet, my dear,
No devious actions need you fear;
My motives, pure are they.
But when you feel ease of mind,
Assuredly I won't decline
A tumble in the hay.

There is none other on my mind
Than you, my special pHalentine,
My pixeled paramour.
For those that wonder, "Who is she?"
And sit and ponder, "Is is me
This sire doth adore?"

If such a question fills your mind,
Placate your worries and unwind;
To you I doth not speak.
The pHalentine of which I sing
Is most aware of everything,
And that makes her unique.

For nigh upon a year ago,
In online chatter she'd bestow
Her secrets deep inside.
As time went by, my secrets, too,
And feelings that we'd both construe
Bet'wixt us, did confide.

Although her posts here now are rare,
My loyalty to her I'll swear,
And her love shall be thine.
If ever pulseHEAD we depart,
Sweet AshK, dear, you have my heart,
My secret pHalentine!

rating: 7

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