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Zoroastrian Sonnet submitted 2009.07.08 08:54 PM by Thornicus viewed 2066 times

Ahura Mazda...baby, drive my car!
Or is it I that should be driving you?
Of all sedans imported from afar,
You transcend like none other through and through.

The asha, truth, and order that you boast
Have left the druj of chaos in the dust.
Monastic stockcars racing on the coast
Cannot compete with you, my sacred lust!

Though Angra Mainyu seeks to take the lead,
Such reckless driving soon will face defeat.
Your Spenta Mainyu always shall succeed,
His man juice fully spent in your rear seat.

Oh, Zoroaster! Let me fuel your tank!
Your scintillating Spentas turn my crank.

rating: 8

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