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"alternately a sarcastic reaction to the idea of actually having a revolution, yet it also embraces submitted 2008.11.27 02:15 AM by Symbolic_ viewed 1526 times

I'm honestly not sure exactly how to start this, but the idea is in my head and pulsing through my fingertips. Ultimately, i'd just like to express my happiness that pulsehead is back I enjoy posting here etc.. missed it all/you guys. But any how, to get to an actual point..

I'm not entirely sure what it is about me, but humanity has always perked my curiosity. What I mean by that is, well everything we do in general. The way two people interact, the language we use, the tones, the hand gestures, deciding what is and isn't implied, and figuring out just how much the other person knows. I suppose this all really stems from my place of business, which unfortunately is still a fast food place, albeit a pizza place with much better management.

I really don't talk to too many other employees to be honest, as most of them are either still in high school, or are in their first year of college but are only going because it's just the thing to do after high school, not because they actually want to be there (a select few like it but it's hard to tell). And the people closer to my age are either mostly management or work at the opposite end of the store. So ultimately that leaves me to muse on different things.

One aspect of the job that I do is I cut the pizzas and hand them out to people. There are these procedures to take, and rehearsed lines to remember for certain circumstances. For example, if a customer orders a pan pizza but also orders a regular pizza the regular pizza will come out five to seven minutes before the pan pizza is due to come out. We have to give them the regular pizza as soon as it comes out which I have memorized the following to say

"We're still waiting on your pan pizza, pan pizzas they take longer than normal pizzas but your regular pizza is ready so just hold onto your pager and we'll page you back out when your pan pizza is ready it will buzz again."

It's interesting how much time that block of text saves me. And it took me a few months to cover all the basis so that they wouldn't have any questions and I could easily move on to the next customer. There were also times during this scenario (the pan pizza scenario) where the customer came up and before I could rehearse aforementioned lines they would immediately say "We Had two pizzas, why is there only one we had two." or something like that. I always found that reaction interesting. Rather than wait for an explanation, they immediately decided to let me know there's an error. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as in some cases the cashier was probably cock deaf at the time and only took down one pizza for their order instead of two.

I've faced this scenario probably hundreds of times, and in some cases almost on a daily basis. My ultimate curiosity though is, what prompted that one person to tell me there was an error without my explanation, and what prompted the other person to wait for an explanation. The only thing I can come up with in all that is probably past experience. I could imagine the person whom doesn't wait for the explanation as being someone who either experienced poor service on different occasions, or possibly just someone who interviewed these people, or conducted any research just performed as they say.

I think the only other things I can relate to "The Pan Experiment" are when it's busy and i'm having to not only take out the pizzas from the oven (arrange them in the oven give the people on make table more room to place more pizzas in the oven pop bubbles that form on the pizza etc..) but also have to cut the pizzas, page the people out, and give them their order. There are occasions when I simply don't have time to stand there, go over their order, and hand it to them and I walk back to the oven and rearrange the pizzas/pop bubbles. Sometimes, and it's rare, but sometimes the people actually know which pizza is theres and just take it, place their pager on the counter and figure out how to carry the pizza to their table by how I placed the paper plates underneath the tray holding the pizza. This helps me out tremendously as I have more time to focus on ovens and have less of a chance of someones pizza getting burned or deformed by bubbles.

The unfortunate part is, nine times out of ten the people are either unsure or scared or something about the pizza. I could honestly understand if there were three or more pizzas all belonging to other people why some people would either get confused or need help. However, there have been occasions where there's only one pizza on the counter for pick up and the people were still unsure the pizza before them is the one they ordered and still ask for help. If I'm really busy on ovens I'll either pretend not to hear them until someone else helps them, or tell them "Yeah if it's yours just take it." I can honestly see why some people need that validation that that is in fact their order. But I don't know, common sense wise if there are no other pizzas and your pager went off then it must in fact be your pizza.

I noticed one other strange occurrence that will be the last thing I relate. Whenever I cover all my basics, I give the customer everything they need to the point where they can't possibly have any questions for me, they still seemingly try to ask me a question or try to make me do something. I recall one guys reaction, he was going to speak but didn't he was slowly turning away with his pizza in hand but looked forward again right at me. I could tell he wanted something, but even he didn't know what. I asked him and he said "No that's it thank you." This has happened on more than one occasion though. The person or persons try to get more out of me though they have no real need to. They have this strange reaction like they want to talk but know they have nothing to say. And even when they do manage to get something out, the things they ask for are available on what we call islands where napkins, cheese, peppers and straws are located, which is literally right behind them.

I don't know, i'm just curious exactly what they want apart from what they ask for. I can almost certainly guarantee some people ask for these things because they want to see me jump, or react, as some form of control. I don't assume this because they merely ask, I assume it based on their mannerisms and the tone of their voice as they ask me. Someone genuinely concerned with where these things are located ask in a general tone as if they just want to know. But there are those that ask for some things just because they know that asking for these things gets a reaction, and generally speaking napkins are a universal thing to ask for where you can practically go anywhere to eat, and asking where the napkins are will yield you a reaction either the person will get you the napkins or they will be pointed out to you.

But I don't know I've gone on for too long and might revisit this topic because there are a few more things I do or am intrigued by. My apologies if it was hard to read or anything and as always thank you for reading.

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