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pHusic for audiopHiles: mayh3m (Jesse's Theme) submitted 2009.06.12 10:59 PM by Thornicus viewed 2846 times

So, Jesse (i.e. "mayh3m") requested that I give him some "mad beats" to lay down as an intro to his next video blog...

...several weeks later, I'm finally delivering on my promise.

The whole idea got me thinking: why not do a whole ALBUM of short themes for each user on here? It'd be fun. And amusing to all of you, at the very least...and hopefully enjoyable, too.

I thereby present track 1 of the album "pHusic for audiopHiles", entitled "mayh3m (Jesse's Theme)".

Eight tracks squeezed into 1 minute and 32 seconds of a cappella 8-bit medley goodness. Bonus points to whoever can correctly identify all of the tunes in the medley. (I'm looking at you, Jesse.)

Without further adieu...


rating: 11

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