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Happy Birthday, You Tubby Bastard! submitted 2009.06.12 08:57 AM by Fallen viewed 1925 times

Hickory dickory dock
Star Trek had Mr. Spock

Yeah ,
Look lets not kid each other
while I like poetry, I am incapable of writing any.
Well.. possibly dirty limericks but since you just don't inspire me to craft erotic poems.
And since Afriel's computer died, along with the nice poem she was making for you,
She has left your birthday wishes to me.
You're stuck with this.

We, and I'm sure the rest of pH, wish you a happy early birthday.
May your cup be full of booze this weekend.

Oh, and since I needed to get you something I figured since I've seen all your pictures, that this would be the best thing.

Happy Birthday, Sarge

rating: 6

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