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Damaged Goods submitted 2009.06.05 03:01 PM by Fallen viewed 1588 times

"This is about her again, isn't it?"
My room was fairy dark but I could make out his profile as he struck the match. Lighting another of those clove cigarettes I hate.

He asked knowing full well the only time we talked like this was because of her. My eyes fell to the floor to avoid the look he always gives me when I get this way.

"It was a dream, same as always, off some place random, we both act surprised to see each other, then it's.... awkward, just like it was in real life. He was with her too you know, in the dream that is."

He rolls his eyes, knowing where this is going. I found out "he" was hanging around with her in real life. Another friend she seems to collect, probably leading him on like she did me.

"So what happen in your dream? Did you talk about anything?"

"No, it was just the same uncomfortable chit-chat, talking for the sake of killing silence. Fucking sucked. How long has it been anyway?"

"Since you saw each other last? Hmm...three hundred eighty six days and 8.36 hours. Give or take."

I don't think I will ever get over how detailed he can be but I guess that's part of his job.

"Thank you Mr. Timex."

"You asked"

I placed my drink down on the end table and started to pace the room. This whole situation was getting tiresome. I didn't look but I could tell he knew I was about to come apart.

"When the hell is this going to end! It's been over three fucking years and I still have to put up with these memories. Don't I deserve answers as to why she up and left? Honestly I did every thing for her and as far as I could tell she didn't so much as shed a tear over me."

"Is that what you want?"
His lack of empathy was rapidly fading.
"For her to suffer too?"

"No damn it, I mean.. yes. I.... I don't know. You were there, you saw. I gave up everything, my job, my friends, my family, my faith, my purpose in life,
She goes on unaffected and I fell from grace, she moved on but I'm still haunted in my memories, I'm damaged go...."


He pounded his fist against the wall, his anger with me flashed in his eyes. He had been with me all my life but for that brief moment I saw him as he truly was and I was terrified.

"I have listened to you bitch and moan for the last time. Whining about how unfair this all was. You're right it was unfair you got into a relationship that neither of you were ever supposed to be in, you both got hurt. Do you know how much I had to do to get your pathetic ass back above water?"

He got right up in my face and I could smell the clove-smoke as he continued.

"Pissing and crying like a child that you were wronged, for almost committing a Mortal Sin, I should add. You fell from grace? Please. Do you know how many humans don't even know they have a Guardian Angel, let alone be able to talk to them?"

He backed off and walked to the window. His usual serenity had returned.

"Grow up and get over it, bad things happen and you don't always get the answers you want or feel you deserve. And one more thing, you didn't fall from grace,
You jumped."

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