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Broadcast Quality submitted 2009.05.28 04:33 PM by Fallen viewed 1847 times

He removed the hand held camcorder from the case and examined it, gently blowing off a few specs of errant dust.

"You know, before I decided on this particular model, I must have compared ten or fifteen others. I need the best picture quality I can get because honestly I'm only getting one chance here, I'm I right?"

She silently stared at him, unable to respond. When he had left she was unsure if or when he would ever come back. Had it been days or weeks? Or just a few hours; she didn't know for sure anymore.

"It's funny,"

He continued

"When I got this camera the kid in the store told me it would produce "broadcast quality" video. BAH! What's that even mean anymore? How many times have you seen some shitty cell phone video used on the six o'clock news? And let's not even start on the low grade junk on Youtube. No, no this will be for my own personal library anyway."

She watched him as he moved around the room, slow and deliberate. He placed a small metal tray on the table near her and adjusted it so the corners perfectly aligned. Silently she shifted her position. He walked back to the camera and carefully lifted it as if it were a delicate crystal vase.

"I have to hand it to Cannon, this HV30 is great. It records in Hi-def and works well in low light conditions like we have in here."

He gracefully paced as he continued, admiring the camcorder and all but ignoring her.

"I think the thing that helped me make the choice for this one is that it allows for frame by frame editing, because it stores on HDV format tape and not to a disc."

Clicking on the power button he placed the camera on the chair across from her.

"The drawback is that using tape limits the recording time to an hour but in all truth after the first few minutes......"

He closed the gap between his location and hers with a fluid speed she had never seen from him. As he moved he snatched a scalpel from the tray. She pulled against the restraints and released a silent scream against the ball gag as he dragged the blade across the length of her bare neck.

"an hour will seem like an eternity."

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