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Alice's Misadventure's in Horrorland: Part 1 submitted 2009.05.08 02:19 AM by CATAL viewed 1464 times

It happened one day that while Alice was taking a break from her studies she went for a walk along her parents' estate. Being rather wealthy, Alice's family owned a fairly large plot of land and the grounds were quite expansive. She would often spend the idle hours of summer days wandering throughout the wilderness of her parents' property.

On this day, her tutor had granted her an hour-long reprieve during which she was free to do as she pleased and relax her mind from her studies. One of her favorite places to go was a pond just north of the garden. She would sit down at the bottom of a large oak tree overlooking the pond and watch squirrels and rabbits come for a drink.

However, on this particular day, Alice found herself quite flushed, as it was hotter than usual. Overwhelmed with the heat, she drifted off to sleep sitting in the shade of the big oak tree.

She dreamt that she was in a land of fantasy and wonder, where animals talked and playing cards played croquet. This was a common dream of Alice's that she quite enjoyed. Oftentimes her cat would join Alice in her dream and would talk to her in funny riddles and guide her through the marvelous land she had invented. Alice liked these dreams and always woke from them with an air of excitement and curiosity. Such would be the case on this day.

She woke with a start some time later as a large white rabbit scampered over her lap.

"Oh!" She exclaimed causing the rabbit to stop and turn, looking at her with forlorn eyes.

"My apologies, miss," he muttered in a sad, hollow voice and then continued on his way.

Now getting a closer look at the rabbit, it appeared he was in pain. His scamper was little more than a brisk limp and he continuously muttered to himself, although Alice couldn't make out the words.

Feeling sympathetic towards the poor rabbit, Alice was overcome with the need to help him and care for him.

"Mister Rabbit! Mister Rabbit!" she called. "Are you alright?"

Either he didn't hear her words or chose not to answer, as the rabbit continued his progress away from Alice towards a copse of trees on the other side of the pond.

Struggling to stand, Alice continued calling out to the rabbit to no avail. By the time she began to chase after him he was nearly out of sight.

"I just want to help!" she chanted as she ran after him into the copse, which now appeared darker and more foreboding than before. In fact, as she pursued the white rabbit, the thought occurred to her that she had never been in this particular part of the North Woods.

That's odd, she thought. I could have sworn I've been everywhere on the grounds! Running into the shadowy grove she looked around for some familiar sign, but found none. This doesn't look like the North Woods at all, she remarked. I've been to that pond thousands of times and I've never seen this before!

As she ran deeper into the woods the light began to fade away and the temperature dropped. Alice could now see her breath in front of her as goosebumps prickled all over her arms and on her legs beneath her stockings. Her feet began to sink into the dark, wet earth and a heavy mist rose around her. The darkness penetrated her vision so that all she could see was the dim figure of the white rabbit limping away in the distance. Branches scratched at her face and arms, obstructing her way and tangling her hair.

"Mister Rabbit, please!" Alice cried. "Where are you going?"

No answer came and a horrible silence crept around her. Only the soft, muffled sounds of her own footsteps kept her company.

Pushing on, Alice stumbled right through a cobweb. "Aaaaaaaah!" she screamed in girlish fright. Frantically swinging her arms around her face to free herself from the web, the thought of spiders swarming all over her body overcame her. She tripped on a root and tumbled forward, falling to the ground. Suddenly her feet lifted up above her as the earth opened up and swallowed her whole.

Flailing about, Alice opened her mouth to scream again, but no sound came out. The darkness that surrounded her seemed to swallow up all sound. She just continued to fall for what seemed an eternity.

A ferocious, cold air cut at her, blistering her skin as she flung herself about, plummeting to an uncertain doom. Because she could not scream she mouthed the words, Mother! Father!

But no one answered from the silent darkness that was her only company?

rating: 6

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