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27th Chance submitted 2009.05.06 12:35 PM by Thornicus viewed 1858 times

Another song co-written with the co-worker Joe (he did most of the lyrics, I massaged them a bit and did the musical arranging). This one's quite a bit newer, done last year for American Idol songwriting comp...didn't make it to finals but c'est la vie. Went for the indie/alt feel with this one...think "Time of Your Life" by Green Day, only a little more folk-y.


So you are here now
Mark the spot with a dot
On the map of your days

Don't even dwell on how
You made it to this point
No need to be amazed

Just make a vow
To start life anew
Your time to shine is due

Its true you've had your failures
But that's all in the past
?Cause you've been granted a second
Or a twenty-seventh chance
It's ok, let your inner music play
Take your future by the waist and dance

Open your eyes now
To the possibilities
All waiting to be revealed

Surprise will find you
Just around the corner block
It's no time for you to yield

Muster the strength to
No longer keep your heart concealed
You'll discover you are healed


rating: 6

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