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Settle for the Dirt submitted 2009.05.05 04:59 PM by Thornicus viewed 2102 times

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured I'd throw something up for a change of pace instead of just reviewing...some of you from Uber will probably remember this from way back when.

This composition is actually almost two years old...my co-worker Joe wrote the lyrics some time ago, and he asked me back in summer of '07 if I had any ideas for arranging it musically. Didn't take too long to come up with what you'll hear...it's just my voice and acoustic guitar. The full band version with drums, bass, electric guitars, etc. is still in process of editing and mixing. Quality is scratch demo but that's not important for the confines of pH. Drop your constructive thoughts on lyrical/musical improvement...


If money is not my color
If riches are not to be for me
Then I will have to do without
And only live off what is free

The chasm is growing wider
Between the haves and have nots
Soon they'll take this shirt off my back
The vultures will be casting lots

When the wealthy walk on by
And I am wearing this same old shirt
When they laugh and look down on me
I know I can deal with the hurt
If gold and silver are not on my person
Then I will settle for the dirt

Come together all you lowly ones
Standing on each other's shoulders
We can fight the skyscraper set
The mighty lenders and billholders

Come wallow with me in my meekness
To simpler ways we can revert
Forget the brokers who mistreat you
Let's just settle for the dirt

Using your talents for selfish gains
Knowledge and power you pervert
To your ways of using people
I will not ever, ever convert
So fill your pockets with the dust
And we can settle for the dirt


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