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Love submitted 2009.05.02 01:25 AM by Symbolic_ viewed 1536 times

Love is faith in more ways than one. I guess that's something I don't need to tell any of you. But for those of you haven't loved or lost, what I mean by that is...

Love is calling at four a.m. hoping the person on the other end will pick up because they're the person you feel most connected to and need to hear their voice to solidify your own existence.

On the other end though, the call is seen as just some weird act, or some stressful gesture but it never usually is. Then things get weird, people get weird, and those people in turn talk to their friends to get their opinion if it's weird you'd call at four a.m. the friends might say it is, probably because they don't really know you, and don't know it's just you reaching out.

Then the person stops accepting your calls all together, not because they necessarily want to, but because they want something closer to what's considered a norm. Not necessarily from their perspective, but in all probability a collection of what their friends, family, and possibly religious influences consider a norm.

"Marry a doctor, a lawyer"

"Does he have a nice car?"

"What's he do for a living?"

"Does he got it where it counts?"


"How does he make you feel?"

Then if it ends, your friends will likely tell you she wasn't the one, but that's not how you'll feel. You'll feel like she was for some odd reason, but you lost some battle some where. You didn't properly cross your T's or Dot your I's. Then you'll think you need to change, which is a possibility don't get me wrong nothing wrong with that, but in that change never forget who you were. For that's where more problems arise, if you completely forget who you were or discard it, you completely sabotage your foundation. And as we all know, no building can stand without a solid or sturdy foundation. And in the case of those who live a destructive life and want to completely forget about that person, simply try to replace those memories with the good ones. As I stated, no house can stand without a solid foundation. In turn, no human can be successful without accepting who they were, no matter how disgusting or grotesque or destructive.

Just because it's who you were, that doesn't mean it's who you have to be.


So you reinvent yourself, you renovate your building, you keep the same foundation full of all kinds of confidence.

Now what?

Attract a clientele, but you have to be careful of just what sorts of clients you invite into this new building of yours. Some want to do their own sort of remodeling, believing it necessary. Chances are they just want to be so apart of your life they want you to reflect aspects of theirs.

Say you're selective, super selective of your clientele, only allowing those of celebrity status, or those of such beauty that everyone around you will say

"How the hell did he get her? I mean, he looks like that, and she... Jeez I look better than that guy."

It may take a while, you may get some that come close, but you just might find yourself staring into the eyes of a bottle of steak sauce, rather than a steak dinner.

It's just funny though how thrown around the word is, that is love, how you can watch a movie and ten minutes into it a character is already confessing their love for the other. And then ten minutes later from that married, then ten minutes later from that in the arms of someone else.

Some people see this and think that's normal, other people see this and say to themselves

"That's how I want to live!"

But they are just life imitating art, you can't blame them for seeing it portrayed on the big screen and then thinking it's ok.

Think about it, think about every movie you've seen, think specifically about movies aimed at teenagers. Think about the ones you've grown up with and how different they are from the ones of today. Maybe in the end they have the same basic principle, but chances are they're much looser about sex. They're much looser about emotions, writing off the male character as some asshole, writing off the female character as some slut.

The question is, what made that male character an asshole? They never usually go into that detail, what made that female a slut? Those questions are left unanswered and those characters are then just grouped as jerks and assholes and are explained as such.

The teenager walks away equipped with new definitions of what an asshole is, and is probably preached at by the main character of the story to look for this or that, the wolves in sheeps clothing took notes from the main character and then displayed the similarities the main character preached.

Perhaps I better explain myself better.

The assholes and sluts as aforementioned, will generally take notice of that which is considered a norm by an art perspective. Meaning, they will generally keep watch of all the latest trends, movies, music, behaviors and just modify their behavior to which will make them most successful in the dating realm. Then you the helpless sheep you are, because you watched that movie earlier, because that man acted, talked, dressed, and looked like the person who swept the main character off her feet. You will fall for him, he will pass the standards set by your friend because chances are it was a movie your friend referred you to see. And then perhaps a year down the line something happens to alter the relationship, hell say a few months down the line, something happens to alter the relationship, then he ends it. Maybe you'll be stuck to raise a child, maybe you'll be stuck with a bunch of bills. And you'll blame all sorts of things for this problem.

Here's the ultimate question I have. You hear about these people who had been together for years, say for sixty or seventy etc.. you wonder what their secret was? They may tell you it was faith, it was God, it was true love. But ask yourself this, if they grew up with the sort of culture we're growing up with now, do you think their love would've lasted the same amount of time?

Before you answer that, have you ever met someone who grew up and lived in a foreign country? Have you ever had a relationship with someone from a foreign country?

If you answered yes, you probably noticed they were much more different that that which you experienced in America. And chances are they didn't grow up with the same experiences, or the same people giving the same bland advice to guide them.

That's an unfair assessment I realize, however, it is just as perhaps valid as any other. And that's not to say their aren't Americans who aren't normal.

Love though, I know not what it is exactly, however I do know what I'd do for it and for the one I would say I love.

At their command I would seize the world and hand it to them on a silver platter, at their call I would destroy all that which they regard as enemy, at their behest I would sacrifice my own body to save that which is sacred to them. And in their peril I would sacrifice all parts of myself to save them.

Call it a weakness, call it foolish, but the one thing you can say is to tell someone that in this day and age, it doesn't mean very much. It doesn't mean very much what so ever that there would be someone who would be there in your darkest hour trying to guide you to the light no matter how treacherous.

Whatever the case, love is trying.

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