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Oh, how they bubble and twist. submitted 2009.04.30 03:00 PM by Fallen viewed 2472 times

Back in the 80's peanut butter and a lot of other things came in glass jars; none of this safe unbreakable plastic crap like we have today. What was nice is that you could use said jars to store things in and not have to cut down plastic trees or what ever you do to make more plastic containers.


It came to be that we had, in my house, a quantity of gummi-bears, and by quantity I mean a shit load. My mother looking to keep these little guys fresh placed all the bears in a glass peanut butter jar about the size of a gallon or so.
Like I said a shit load of gummi-bears.
To make sure they didn't go bad the bears in the jar went into the fridge.

Sounded like a good idea at the time to her.

Every Friday a friend of mine would come over after school, we would raid the fridge and then go to our part time job. This is when we found the jar-o-bears.

After sitting in the cold for some time, gummi-bears will stick together, for warmth I suppose. We found this out the hard way trying to pry them out of the jar with no great success.

Being clever 16 year olds we figured since cold stuck them together, heat would set them free.
Enter the microwave oven.
Not the cheap little ones like you can get now but the big 40 billion Giga-watt monsters. Two or three minutes should do the trick.

We were left with about 3/4 of a gallon of rainbow swirled goo with little heads and arms sticking this way and that.

It was horrible, like a miniature confectionary Hiroshima..
in a jar..
with bears.

Still couldn't get them out of the jar.

Except with a spoon. Most of them anyway.

Sometimes at night, I can still hear them screaming.

rating: 11

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