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Psycho Boy, Issue #2 submitted 2009.04.29 08:52 PM by CATAL viewed 1289 times

Well, you guys responded surprisingly well to Psycho Boy #1, so I thought I'd post the others I had as well. This one isn't quite as long as the first one, though.

Like the first I only selectively colored it in, which is the last time I ever even bothered to color any of it in, so live it up now! I lost my colored pencils or at least can't find them, so I'm probably not gonna color for a while. I tried crayons on one part once and it looked really shitty.

Anyway, thanks again to Mayh3m who taught me who to post these with the html and what not.

Anyway, here is Issue #2, PSYCHO BOY: ZOMBIED!:

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