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Psycho Boy, Issue #1 submitted 2009.04.28 03:54 PM by CATAL viewed 1644 times

hey everybody, some of you might have seen me mention a "comic" that I do. Well, after much frustration and deliberating over how to format it if I were to ever post it, I've finally gotten a way, thank to mayh3m, that is.

Mayh3m basically told me verbatim how to do this and I just copied and pasted, so thanks dude.

Anyway, here is the first issue. I hope you guys weren't expecting much, b/c honestly, it's not that great. They're just doodle from my sketchbook with a weak plot and inconsistent character representations.

I lack the skill to keep drawing a character over and over again so they look the same so I basically decided to just draw them however I felt each time.

This thing was probably drawn together over the course of a year or so. i would just draw whenever I felt like it and put it down for months at a time and make the plot up as I went along.

basically the storyline is thus: A guy somehow gets transported somewhere and meets some people. then stuff happens. That's about it.

Psycho Boy is the main character as he travels around the and of "HERE" with his companions Oignentet, a floating skull vaguely reminiscent of an onion, and CJ, the Cosmic Jester. They randomly display super magical powers whenever I decide to give it to them. Random shit happens all the time and none of it makes sense. The characters are also prone to violent mood swings.

Well enjoy this one, I have 3 more issues after this and I'm in the midst of drawing the 5th. They get better.

Without further adieu, here they are, just click the links of each page to look at 'em (I really hope I did this right mayh3m):

rating: 8

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