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I just dunno.... submitted 2009.04.17 12:08 AM by slinkysmurfette viewed 923 times

Some one get the phucking key and unlock my soul. Unlock my heart. Unlock my feelings. Wipe my tears away. Put your arms around me and tell me everything will work out fine. Lie to me. Because that's what you'll be doing if you tell me everything will be okay. Just lie, but then again I told you to lie, I told you to tell me that everything was going to be okay. It's your fault if you listened. I am so confused inside I am not sure if I am speaking in past or present. Does anyone understand? Does anyone even care? I don't even know any of these new people on here. All my old pH budds are you there? I remember the highlight of my day was logging onto pH to see what was going on read some good stuff chat. Get yelled at by Ant for posting crazy shit on uber flubber dubber site. Sammy done when and saw Dirt n Mickey without me. I have lost 37lbs and everyone thinks I am on some kind of drugs. Cain't someone just be friggin phuckin tired of being a fat ass. I am 29 years old 122lbs is perfect size I think. Bitch Bitch is all my husband does anymore. I am constantly being told that my husband is a lucky man to have such a perky creative beautiful wife and all I can think in the back of my mind is how much he seams to hate me and how much older he acts than he really is. Whats that damn song???? Life is a roller coaster ride well so is marriage it just seams that we are in the kiddie line because its not to far up there that we just go down. I love him, I do but iM JUST NOT SURE THAT HE LOVES ME ANYMORE... GOING TO SMOKE A JOINT brb

o SHIT SORRY bought all that big small big small letters any way... I am not of right mind right now to type to well. So the next epidisode:

Wow that was friggin short up there. Oh well. My guests seam to love my metallic peace sign tattoo. My husbands been bitchin cause I wanna get a tattoo and well so I got one of those silver sharpies and drew a friggin peace sign on ma wrist. See I compromised. I am a good wifanino "wife" Ne ways I guess I will be going now beacuase I am outta here! Latore ma gatore forilla ma nilla peace dawg c u on da flip side all Gd up like a dawg Im bouncin wurd yeah my back needs ta be popped dang it Ima havta do sum ding dang back bends and shinakki and I am just SOOO not stunting that. As I type and my fingers bounce around the key board the Lil glass starfish on my right wrist is swishering and gliding across the keyboard as I type. I hope that most of you would not judje me for the way I type becasue yes I suck at spelling and shit but that is because well I caint answer that. Damn my muther frickin shoulder blade hurts and it actually feels a bit better while I am typing and leaning forward. I am just flowing I have so much thoughts in my head. You know working at a hotel is purty frickin cool. We have so much drama yet we all stick together as a family to through thoughs who are messy out to the curb we have our own mess we dont need urs... wurd yah feel me neel me for shilley Oh okay. So I caught myself listening to damn Britney Spears Amy song I kinda like it. Shuuuuuu beatches dont tell anybody. Shes definatly got tha damn oh baby baby down... again. Anyways I am really fixin ta stop typin cause I gone go down outchandor to tha that there fishin pond and catch us some fishkizz right out brutha from anutha muth... wtf btw lmao whatever okay buh bye peeps this is crystal june brophy aka slinkysmurfette or steersmurf. <~~~ steer is ma new nick name right heifer. I think I love you so what am I so afraid of... ding dang I dunno why I just busted out with that song. I need some music while I sleep tonight. I dont even have an MP3 or an ipod or nun a that shinakki. I gots me a palm centro that allow mp3 songs and all that other shinakki, personally the palm centro is not that cool at all. That thiing is a mess and a half. I want my damn lgcu500 back. That phone did all the things that the palm centro does almost and besides touchscreen which I hate. lg had way better pics and shit oh kno I said shit... I usually say shinakki my bad damn wasnt I supposed to be typing goodbye here for like a long ass mutha fudgin time. I am just enjoying sitting here listening to my fingers jump around the keyboard pressing keys I know that you think I am a bit dumb and that is all good with me but I just do noth think that I am ready to stop typing it is just that I just can not stop sometimes and I know that I am going to rate this and be like damn this bitch is retarted and some of yall will only read the first line and stop reading then. hoe hoe hoe. Merry firmas. God I have to go. I have to get some reast because everytime I close my eyes my thoughts drift off onto thoughts of a heifer. A special heifer. One I really adore. ta ta 800-416-jwcj


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