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Last Ride submitted 2009.04.15 11:31 AM by Fallen viewed 1600 times

The padding would always crack.

Sooner or later it would lose the taught fully stuffed feeling and begin to soften up from continued use. It would only be a mater of time before the cracks appear and then helped by wind, sun and nervous fingers, they would graduate into holes.

But he didn't care.

The feel of the shoulder harness locking into place and the sudden lurch, as the train pulled forward was all that mattered to him.
He broke his cherry, so to speak, on an old wooden coaster made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company; from that first ride he was addicted.

Whether it was wood or steel, the anticipation of the climb of the first hill and the rattle of chain on sprocket sent his heart racing. Depending on his mood he would enjoy the sunlight on his face and the seemingly never-ending ride to the top or he would hold on as electro-magnets propelled him skyward.

Cresting the hill there was that moment almost as if time stopped before the train would plummet down the first drop and into the twists and turns of the ride.

His eyes closed as he remembered his last ride, which seemed like a lifetime ago.

The faint crack of a twig in the distance dragged him back to the present.

With a fluid motion he plucked an arrow from its quiver, drew back the string and sent it to it's new home, deep within the zombie's skull.

There would be no more rides now that the dead would not stay dead.

rating: 8

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