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Lectorium Rosicrucianum submitted 2008.11.20 10:32 AM by Thornicus viewed 2515 times

Yeah, it's a repost of a poem I've written before and posted on another forum over a year ago, but I am hoping for more constructive feedback here and now than I received there at the time.

Plus I just can't be arsed to think of a new introductory post at the moment, and I do really like this.

-------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------

Glowing, glimmering, in a bright hue,
The light beckons to men of old,
Seductively whispering amongst the shadows
And calling for decisive action:

"Do not go gently, nay, go boldly into the dark,
Go forth and seek the truth;
The truth that many attempt to grasp
But inadvertently let slip through their fingers."

And, just like that, with a brief flicker, the light disappears into the dark, begging pursuit.

Do we chase swiftly after it?
Or, perhaps, tread precariously on unlit ground,
Not knowing where our footsteps fall?
One thing is for certain - those who seek it out,
They do so for the sake of the call.

The call to which millions of ancient hearts surrendered,
The call that those who need it most strain to hear.
And somehow, as if by a swift miracle,
The call seeks out a precious few.

Why, then, must so many remain blind and mute?
To be mere meters from the light, and yet so far?
An astonishing thing, this scintillant spark of soul,
That illuminates the inner sanctum of man,
If he provides the sustaining fuel.

Indeed, do not go gently into the dark,
Nor let the light elude your grasp.
It is yours if you choose to accept it...

...believe, and it shall be so.

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