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A Beautiful Day submitted 2009.01.26 12:17 PM by Fallen viewed 1638 times

"Madness! Curse that old hag!"

Case upon case had been opened, their contents spilled to the floor. Every last crate the royal guards opened revealed the same desecration. The sergeant let the wretched thing in his hand fall to the ground as his commanding officer entered the Rockit factory warehouse followed by one of the king's council members.

"Sir, the men have finished the investigation and it was as Mr. Pecially had feared, the statuettes have been tampered with."

His brow furrowed as he turned toward her, she was quite lovely with long brown hair that ended just above her fir-trimmed cape. He had seen her in her royal garb infrequently as she preferred to dress as a normal citizen most days, but as this was official business she wore the uniform of her office.

"My lady, as you can see" he handed her the figure "Corny was correct. His majesty will not be pleased."

"You were wise to involve me before going to my uncle, I will need to keep this from getting out of hand. He will be furious, he has tolerated Elaine's mischief as we all have in the past but I fear this time she has gone too far."

Aberline sighed as she looked down on the statue in her hand, the image of the king's face replaced with the bitter visage of an old woman with short blond hair and a bulbous, red nose.

She entered the throne room to the fanfare of trumpets but also the sight of the King grabbing his robe and sword. Ever the stickler for protocol he still managed his usual greeting.

"Lady Aberline, I presume?"

"Correct as usual Uncle Friday....I must ask you to calm down and think this through. Lady Elaine has.."

"Done enough to this kingdom and to me. The damage to the factory and my statues has been the final indiscretion. She will make reparations for her insolence."

"Lady Aberline?" a small timed voice spoke from behind her.

"Daniel, what is a small tiger like you doing so far from his clock at a time like this?"

"I tried to give the King some advice so he would not send his guards to arrest Lady Elaine. He would not listen to me."

"This is beyond diplomacy my striped minion, justice must prevail. X, fly ahead and report any aerial information, Bob Troll, lead the Royal Guard to the Museum-go-Round."

The Museum-go-Round had no windows making it impossible to see inside. The only illumination was from the flames from the platypus mound next door. The fire danced and strange hues reflected from the multi-colored pillars that surrounded the tomb gray building. Upon later investigation it would be discovered that Dr. Bill put up a valiant effort to defend his family but he could not stop their slaughter.

The interior of the museum was empty, a solitary light shown from above onto a scroll, placed atop a pillar. The King took the scroll and read it aloud.



"My God.. Sarah. Tuesday!!
Back to the castle men!!!"

He had feared the worst, the tree that stood in the middle of the kingdom had been uprooted and the small house that had been perched atop its limb, crushed beneath the weight of the timber. The trolley had been derailed and plummeted from the track upon which it ran for so many years.

The King and his men burst the doors to the throne room open and saw the queen and prince bound and gagged to their seats.
A figure in shabby clothes stood before them.

Screamed the King.

She turned and there eyes locked, in her hand a small curved piece of metal. She waved it menacingly in the air.



"See you in Hell, Friday" she hissed.


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