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Hermit Crabs submitted 2016.06.14 06:46 AM by Willis viewed 942 times

Hermit crabs are a ridiculous pet
They don't do much
Rustle in sand in the tank
Eat the lettuce you drop in for them
Just like a turtle

They hide in the coconut shell
Wishing to live on a sugar sand beach

Wishing to be free of an aquarium cage
Thinking somehow that life must be better than this

Hermit crabs remind me of the "American tax payer"
Dragging their shells behind them
Risking everything for their house
Which is a giant storage shed
Storing the totality of their lives

We live in giant storage sheds

Surrounded by our purchases
Surrounded by what we wish to present to guests
The very substance of who we are
And what we want to be

Might as well drag big ugly shells around
Drag ourselves up to other hermit crabs
Compare and contrast our shells
Show off our horde of this-and-thats
Show off our success

Hermit crabs are a ridiculous pet
And they don't even have smart phones

Hermit crabs rustle around in the aquarium
Obsessed with larger shells

Obsessed with just how they'll fit themselves
Into a larger shell

Obsessed with the biggest shell

rating: 2