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You Don't Miss Me submitted 2015.01.17 07:03 AM by Willis viewed 1752 times

I culled through a stack of old cassette tapes several weeks ago and discovered some old songs that I had recorded. I remember being a little drunk and recording them late at night while my girlfriend was asleep. I huddled over an old tape recorder in the living room and tried to keep the noise down. There was no door between the living room and bedroom. It was an efficiency. I remember not waking her even though I played the harmonica and, at times, let the music carry me away. I was a good drunk but a bad boyfriend.

I recently browsed through the posts I have made here on Pulsehead. A post from 1-31-2012 contained lyrics for a song I had written. I've posted several songs here over the years. Never any music.

I discovered a recording of this song on one of the tapes. I had intended to upload it but didn't because I'm lazy.

I'm going to post it now. If you want to drink a 4 pack of tall boys and sing along the lyrics are at said post. If you can press on to the end of the song you win a free Internet.


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