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This Long Voyage submitted 2013.05.09 09:13 AM by NeroCapulet viewed 2288 times

I have lost something that few know true
Yet I am in possession of something greater than gold
My cabin was lachrymose and draped in velvet blue
Although I thought this was a curse of old

Like sand our time blows away across the beach
The vessel I live under is rusting away, once the envy of the stars
Years of excess are rotting us away still we teach
This wicked warmongering and wastefulness birthed by Mars

The soldier just wants to give up the fight
Ignoring his world and all its strife
Lights so bright we forget its night
It's the only way to live our life

Distress had left me with no choice
Filling the holes with a sweet God-like voice
For a time this sufficed the needs
But now I realize the mirror is cracked and I failed my creed

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