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A Story from my Youth submitted 2008.12.16 05:04 PM by Symbolic_ viewed 1537 times

This particular story happened when I was a Sophomore in high school. This was the first year my school was open, and they really didn't have everything completely worked out yet so it was easy to get away with quite a bit. To give you an idea there were some people that when they skipped class all they did was just leave the class room, a good portion of the teachers didn't care and the other ones figured it was too much of a hassle to do anything about. And there was never anybody monitoring the halls, you always saw some campus police running around but they never stopped you unless you were doing something obviously wrong like smoking or drinking as some people did. I've heard since they've cracked down, installed security cameras and for some people it's a hassle to even go to the bathroom. But any how, this particular incident happened at lunch on a testing day. On testing days (as some of you might know) you don't go to class you go to some room based on your last name, and take the standardized test. Whenever we finished we then went to lunch and then resumed our school schedule. Well, they had an odd system for telling us when lunch was over on testing days. I think it was, we had to hear three bells in succession and that would be when lunch was over for us.

Throughout lunch we kept hearing one or two bells, but never three. We actually had an extra twenty minutes of lunch because nobody knew when our lunch was really supposed to be over. Well during all this, I was sitting with a group of people I had gotten to know the past few weeks. Mostly girls and a couple of guys who were way out of the girls leagues, which was good for me cause I had a crush on one of the girls. I found out later on though most those girls were either really religious (the case of the girl I had a crush on), or too geeky for words. Well, we were all sitting at the table closest to where lunch was served and after the usual half hour banter none of us could really think of too much more to talk about. Finally one of the girls out of boredom asked when we were going to finally go. I started screaming never, and the guy across from me said it too but raised his fist in the air so I said it a few more times and he kept raising his fist. And this killed five minutes of time, but we soon all became bored again. Then this crowd started forming and a lot of angry people started surrounding us.

I also noticed the majority of these people were black I thought this was odd. They at first were gathering around the guy in front of me who was raising his fist in the air. They thought he said the N word, how silly, he then pointed right at me and said "IT WAS HIM!" then they all started looking at me some of them talking too fast for any sort of word recognition. Eventually a few dudes were coming up to me I played it cool and said I didn't say that N word, I said never in response to a question. After I told about forty people I said never not another N word the crowd started dispersing and campus police eventualy showed up and broke up what was left of the crowd. And after all that the bells finally rang before I went to class the cops said they didn't care if I did or didn't say it that if I had any problems let them know. I told them I didn't but they just repeated themselves. As soon as I got to class this one douche bag white guy, or should I say a half prep half wigger came up to me and started asking me if I said the N word, but he actually said the word, and he actually said it at least three different times right in front of me I kept telling him I didn't but he was looking at me like he didn't believe me. Then he went around telling everyone in the class I was screaming the N word at lunch, but nobody in the class cared not even the black people.

Anyways, after school I met up with my friends at the bus circle and they were talking about what had happened how some idiot almost got his ass kicked for saying the N word. Their jaws all dropped when I told them I was that idiot, but I told them what happened and we still laugh about it today. Some of my other friends found out during lunch it was me, and they told me the first thing they thought before they found out it was me it was probably just some idiot who was bout to get his ass kicked. I don't think I'll ever forget that story, mostly because I could have been beat up or even killed that day. I told my Mom the next day and she just laughed.

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