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When sawyers were sawyers submitted 2012.12.20 04:51 AM by Willis viewed 2492 times

I sharpened my backsaw yesterday. Filing the saw was not as difficult as I had imagined. But this was due to reading tutorials on handsaw sharpening that made it sound magical.

It was magic the way the men made it sound.

I did an okay job. With practice I will get better. With practice we all get better. My backsaw now saws straight and true.

My backsaw cuts well now after being sharpened and set. No more binding in the kerf. Lesser men need a mitre-box. I don't need one. Now.

Identified broad-leaved dock growing in the backyard. Related to buckwheat, the leaves are edible. This dock is distinguished from curly dock by the thorny seed covering. The curly dock's are smooth. Grind the seeds and add them to homemade bread.

I used three 2x4x8 pieces of treated lumber to make a sawbuck. Nobody uses a sawbuck since chainsaws. I do. It comes in handy when I crosscut logs.

I downloaded a manual from the U.S. government. I read it and believe I may become an excellent sawyer. We have no real excellent sawyers any longer. Most men cannot saw a straight line.

My ex-girlfriend called and the phone rang but I missed it so I haven't talked to her. It's been a long time. But talking to her bothers me. I haven't minutes to spare on the girl. I give her seven years of my life. No more minutes.

I carved a wood spirit yesterday from wood I cut from the backyard. I squirted wood glue on the end-grain to prevent checking, rubbed the glue into the wood using my forefinger. I would shake my forefinger at her when she said something silly. She would laugh because we loved one another. Then. Now I will sand the glue off the end-grain when the wood is dry. I will have a wood spirit. Wood spirits bring luck. I am short on luck.

I found box-elder logs down the alley but it's garlanded with poison ivy. Many years ago, when I lived in Florida, I stuck myself into poison ivy photographing an orange fungus growing from an oak tree. I dropped to my knees to get a better shot. My knees when into it. She was there.

I rooted around in a pile of logs, most were rotted, and found the clearest log I could find. I loaded a 5-foot log of silver maple into my van. When I brought it home, I sawed off a 2 1/2 foot section of good useable wood. The remainder of the log was rotted. I crosscut the log with a rusty bow saw and it cut surprisingly well. Even green the silver maple is softer than sugar maple.

When I was 15 my first girlfriend said I was green because I was scared to do anything beyond kissing. She had slept with several boys. I was a virgin.

I was green.

I made goldenrod vinegar. It takes 6 weeks to be ready to use. I walked out into my parent's backyard and cut several heads off the goldenrod stalks. Put the stalks in a jar and poured apple cider vinegar over the stalks. When you feel ill during the winter you add 1 tablespoon of this goldenrod tincture to a cup of tea. You drink it and everything is better. Like sharpening saws.

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