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Mysterious "triangles" are discriminatory. submitted 2012.10.26 07:54 PM by Willis viewed 2633 times

The Bermuda Triangle lurks invisibly in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. It's known to occasionally sink cruise ships or pluck Boeing 787's out of the sky. The Dragon's Triangle off the coast of Japan terrorizes vehicles in much the same manner. But why do these anomalies stalk their prey only from saltwater. Do they hate the landlubber?

Why don't we have a 9th Avenue Triangle where public sanitation trucks enter and never come out? Or a Broadway and 7th Triangle - located a block from the pub - where cars full of inebriates sometimes disappear into a mysterious revolving vortex on the way home?

We deserve a metropolitan triangle. A sort of blue-collar, industrial-district phenomena for citizens with dirt underneath their fingernails. Honest. Hard working. An urban triangle where you can leave work at 6, become vacuumed up by a wormhole by 6:15, and be transported into another dimension by 6:30.

Let this mystery be for everyone, not just yacht owners.

Let's one day turn on the news and hear:

"Today a convoy of Bunny Bread trucks vanished on the southwest side of the city. Vehicles that suddenly disappear are becoming quite common in this part of the city. Sources say this is due to a large luminescent cornucopia hovering above the Tasty Freeze on 110 SW Hogwash Avenue. The drivers had been complaining, over 2-way radio, of strange lights and malfunctioning GPS systems before they disappeared. Here's Rod Stickman with the weather."

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