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Song #2 submitted 2012.01.31 05:36 AM by Willis viewed 2266 times

you miss the sudden burst of Spring
the miss the petals on the redbud trees
you miss the sweet scent of the evening breeze
you miss daffodils but you don't miss me

you miss cottontails gathered on the lawn in summer
you miss tornado sirens going off
you miss humid nights seeing deer on the avenue
you miss the barbecue but you don't miss me

you miss the frost of fall blanketing the yard
you miss the confetti of leaves swirlin' all around
you miss ice on your windshield and wearing a heavy jacket
you miss carving pumpkins but you don't miss me

you miss the fridgid winter days
you miss hazardous road conditions
you miss the ice underneath your slippery feet
you miss the season but you don't miss me

rating: 8

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